Monday, May 23, 2011

Comfort for the Chooks

With all the rainy weather and the chickens great desire to eliminate every bit of green, their enclosure was very muddy. This makes dirty feet, dirty nest boxes and therefore dirty eggs.

The sheep are out on pasture now and the remaining bales of hay are poor quality so my farmer suggested that he bring a couple of bales over to the coop and we could spread around some hay for the chickens to play with.

Sweet Pea is our Border Collie and was to guard the opening.

The rooster maneuvered his tractor in between the main gates and deposited a bale. We spread it and then thought to bring another.

The chickens will really like to scratch through the bales.

We have 3 brooder hens who would like to set on some eggs so the Rooster moved them into the front section of the coop where they won't be disturbed. We'll see if they are successful!

The grand kiddies are visiting and they are helpers for egg gathering and hopefully weeding. Actually Eliana is an aggressive dandelion puller! :^)


KatieQ said...

How did Sweet Pea manage to stay so white with all of the mud?

Verna G said...


I have a problem and I wondered if you can help? I don't know if I'm a "No Reply Blogger" and I can't seem to get into the site to find out.
Can you tell me if my e-mail comes up and you are able to contact me? It would be a great favor.

I enjoy your blog, esp as a fellow westerner

Createology said...

Sweet Pea is my favorite brand of dog. I just love border collies as they are so sweet. Looks like a great lot of fun for the chickens to play in the hay. Isn't it super that kids "like" to do some chores that they think are "fun". Happy week...