Monday, May 16, 2011

A Dandy day

I'm really hoping that these dandelions don't look quite so cheeky by the end of the week.

A stroll around the yard is showing some promising things. The bulbs are not in huge amounts but spread evenly about. Some daffodils under the shrubs on the north side that I see from the sitting room would be a great addition next spring. I've made a note on September's calender page. I've been leaving the perennials alone so hopefully they'll respond with some nice full groupings which means less open ground for those dandy yellow flowers!

I did some severe pruning of unwanted wild shrubs last fall so I'll follow through on their discouragement. The 'good' shrubs all have slow release fertilizer ready to bring them forth strongly.

I will need to pace myself so that means alternating weed days with play days. But the yard is my focus for this week.


My Sweet Prairie said...

Oh I know - it's work in the yard time! So much to do... Can you believe I have a dandelion patch in the garden... on purpose?

Createology said...

Glad that you are able to get out in the yard and "plan". We are having rain, very cold temps and wind so I stayed indoors today. Very smart of you to make a note on your September calendar to plant daffodils. Have a really great week outdoors...