Friday, May 6, 2011

find the finish

Darn sheep! I've no time to be finding where they have wandered in from. And actually the grass could use some thinning but I'm sure I don't want fertilizer! Means more cutting and I'm not sure I can find more time for grass. ;^)

I didn't want to finish with a whimp so I kept the creative juices going with a few parts from the scrap bin. Not quilted as I now need to fine tune the playroom not to mention the whole house which kinda got ignored this past week. TGIF


My Sweet Prairie said...

Your posts are the best! Love that block. Wow.

Createology said...

Hard to believe these were scraps from the bin. This quilt is wonderful. Tell those sheep to keep mowing the grass but to not fertilize it. :o) Happy Mother's Day to you my dear...