Thursday, September 21, 2017

Creative Catch up!

Every Monday I think about a blog post and every Friday I can't believe where the week went.  Now I am really dismayed to find out exactly how much time has actually passed.  It is not my intention to be one of those blogs that follow Alice down some rabbit hole!

My daily journal/planner has been reduced to scattered scraps of paper as things disappear.  Not down holes but under piles of stuff.   I can't say as this chaos makes creativity happen.  Certainly not my style of creativity.

I left off with an art lesson at the art gallery.  We are now back in school and I needed to do some kind of clean up.  The Rooster wants the computer down and more accessible so I took it from my work area and replaced it with accessible marking material.  Then the cleared space quickly refilled with 'possibles'!  Piles of paper have shifted to piles of a curriculum which has me tremendously excited.

But first:

The Rooster's genealogy genes have surfaced and that's why he wants an accessible research tool.  Knock, knock.  A Ukrainian bee keeper brought his bees for a visit.  Another learning experience for hubby as he tried to remember basic Ukrainian and the kiddies learnt about bees.   We also got chicks and the grand kiddies have even gotten in on their chores.

And back to his roots we are going.  The municipality honours the early Ukrainian settlers.
We will be spending our sunset years in the little town of Sundown.  That beautiful meadow the Rooster liked so much.  The papers are in our hands and we have chatted with the neighbours.  In fact we joined the line up for the Harvest Supper and met some more friendly people.

We have also signed with a young fellow to build us a small bi-level.  He has offered some helpful changes and he is as anxious to get started as we are.   I feel like we are on the same page and he understands our vision.  Next step is a general meeting of drillers and diggers and line men so we can place everything on the site.  It is unrealistic to anticipate every eventuality but we are doing our level to best to limit the 'we shoulda's!!!'.

So much of my creativity has been in tweaking the new house plan and figuring building placements and landscape generalities.  Once the shovel goes into the ground I shall take a few breaths before turning thoughts to paint colours.

In the meantime I am continuing my style journey.  I have my colours figured and the above is close but I need a bit softer.   A very exciting few months is coming up as the team is helping us discover our individual style.  This just resonates with me as I have been on the trial to discover me and the artist within.  It stalled because, well, it is scary.  awk!  Will I like me?  :)  But the community is so supportive and we are all wanting answers.  I'm excited as this will push the art 'me' out into the light a bit more.  One lady suggested I had perkinality. That's from Spanky and Our Gang!  I liked that.  So am I a naturally classic perkinality or a classic perkinality naturally?  lol 

A style club member suggested I look up an art program for students and it has just been amazing.  I blew the art budget and not on supplies.  Deep Space Sparkle is an amazing resource.  This isn't so much crafts as art.  And fun.  I want them (and me) to learn things.  We study artists!  And the themes  are not just pumpkins and valentines.  Specific lessons have about 7 different grade levels so I can simplify or step it up.   It is also literature based and the local library is most helpful!

I have changed things up and the grand kiddies come back Sunday with us.  Then Monday morning I have our breakfast, chores and plan for the day scheduled.  I can take them back that afternoon or give their mother a longer break.  I do things different from their mum and so this is my classroom and we do things my way.  Much better.  It also means I don't forget necessary supplies.  :O

School begins with our traditional, "If you are happy and you know it... clap, stamp, shout... then your art is gonna show it!"  Dog may have followed them to school  but was not included in the seating plan!

We then start with filling out a 6' time line on kraft paper where we added the first cave art and we'll end with current artists.  I have broken the 10 months into 10 main art periods, 1 artist per month. 

Second period is an art element for the month or an art principle.  We are starting with a dot that goes for a walk- a line.  Sparkle has lists of lessons focusing on line.  The cave drawings are all about line.

Then we drag out our nature journals.  We will focus on trees but the kids do this everyday at home and are making art tables and collecting bugs in jars, feathers and such for winter study!  I just keep the journals moving along.  Science and all is their mother's job.

Recess happens while I get ready for the second half.  pant, pant!

Our artist this month is Wasily Kandinsky.  I like his work and I don't know about the kids but I am learning lots.  He is Russian and the first abstract artist to get recognition.  I am hoping the story book, The Noisy Paint Box,  gets here before next Monday.  Though there is youtube!  lol

Our main project is where we get messy and make a related big project.  Crumpled kraft paper replicates cave walls.

Their mum has asked we include a folktale so I have a list and try to get that in while they work.  If not we can do it after lunch!

The yard, garden, and fruit trees have been amazing.  Kinda makes us wonder why we want to leave.  Then we had another wind storm and more shingles blew off the barn!  So we rolled up our sleeves for clean up and went right on downsizing!

I have been trying to revive my flagging baking skills!  Gluten free scones need lots of work but were edible, at least when warm.  I shall have to use my creative skills to tweak the recipe!   The cookies worked!  The wee town has a small post office and that is it.  We are 'going back to the land'!  sort of. 

And finally I am going to have to get creative with time.  The Rooster hasn't retired yet but we are glued at the hip when he is home so I need to be thinking how I can manage my blog life in the future.

So as the gals say in the style club comments and suggestions welcome!