Thursday, March 31, 2016

Keep It Simple Spring

Luving my word/motto for the year.  It keeps pulling me back to basics.

I get three balls in the air and then I think okay, here is another and...  Balls start dropping.  We really do arrive to the level of our incompetence!  Mine seems to be only those few balls and then problems arise.


Unplanner-  I have tried about 3 times and all have short term success.  Time to quit daily/weekly journals.

Classes are okay as long as I'm not expected to actually do anything.  Are they worth the info???

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Spring rushed in all green and early.  Then it hopped back out and hasn't settled down yet.  That's okay.  We aren't quite ready to start up the lawnmowers! 

The Rooster and I were all set to make real progress on the kitchen sink wall last weekend.  Then the grand kiddie's mother got sick so I brought home two kids.   Turns out they weren't too perky and we never got  a lot done.   Mind you man handling that farm sink about did us in!  lol

The easiest thing was to keep adjusting the cupboard on top of the sink and I think we got it.  But we were pooped!

We did take the kiddies back but forgot to send the germs with them.  :(  So putting everything right side up and lining up the two side cupboards will wait till the energy level rises.  I'm kinda glad to see March marching/hopping and I'm hoping for showers of good stuff in April.  :^)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring upstairs

It is a little difficult to get a decent picture in this tall and angled stairwell.  But I do like having an art gallery wall!
The windows face south and the stairs aren't dark at all.   The outside wall has about four coats of paint on and the sponging technique works well at disguising hand prints.  I did not touch any of the stairway walls with anything other than soap and water.  But I had matched the solid paint colour for the two hallways to it.

 I did make new art for the railings.  They are from Ikea and are shallow enough for the stairs but wide enough to add canvases and some accessories.


I intended to put back the short  sheer white valences on the windows but decided that I'd rather be a minimalist.  I can't pass up an opportunity to make vignettes though!  LOL

I also decided a wee chair serves the landing better than a full size one.  I put my antique printers tray on the sponged wall and  perhaps a fibre art will go on the freshly painted wall across from it.

 I emptied the hallway and covered the shelves in that old closet.  I taped everything but that short stair wall on the left.  I primed everything and then I mixed the rest of the primer and the rest of the downstairs hallway paint together.  I just wanted to be done painting.

The colour is a bit darker than it looks but works well.  I am reluctant to fill it up with stuff so we'll see how all the computer stuff fits on that small desk.  :(  That hallway waited a long time for its final coat of paint as I'd stripped the country wallpaper a looong time ago.  ;-{

I'm trying to remember the KISS principle for this Spring!  :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Embracing spring cleaning

The hiatus from blogging has caused me to do some spring cleaning.  There is the inevitable washing, dusting, etc. and  I am in full declutter and downsize mode.  There has also been some swiping at cobwebs around the computer.  It went to the spa.  It has a new screen and it also has a new work station.  The down time has given me reason to pause and consider how I am spending my time. 

I like blogging.  I appreciate how it motivates me.  But it should not be driving me.  So this spring I think I shall try some of those roads that are less traveled and curtail some of that high speed highway  holidaying.  No promises but perhaps some springing into new habits.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

so what...

 I did have great plans for all the 'free' time while the computer was away.   But 'free' turned out to be my downfall as I had managed to download a slew of free ebooks.  And if that wasn't enough I even had some lovely hard copies lent by a friend!  :(    I have never felt to include reading as a hobby.  Seems hobbies should involve more doing than sitting. That doesn't make sense, does it.  Hello knitters!   But I do put books in the same categories as eating and drinking- necessary.   But definitely it is my 'go to' happy place!!!  Lets just say I've been happy.  :)

Now it turns out the computer is fine but looks like the monitor is the problem.  vbsigh

A snow day today.  School was canceled.  My art 101  grand kiddies didn't get as much snow but there are no buses running in my area.  And my bus supervisor said my bus wouldn't be running!   Now maybe I can make up for some good intentions that were set aside.

The weather had actually been rainy. The snow was pretty much gone and shirt sleeves were rolled up!  We were all thinking- early spring.  So when the snow began to come down it had lots of places to stick.  Now that the snow has stopped and the sun has come out things sure look pretty.

So now what...

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Which way to spring???

It has been an interesting couple of weeks.  And I'm still thinking about it all.  I thought I'd keep up on the new cell phone but...

Monday I was using my new rubber boots, taking photos with the cell phone and looking for my spring wish list.

Today I am trying to remember where I flinged (?),  flanged (?), flung my winter boots!

I am also looking for the cell phone photos that I vainly collected for mobile blogging!  :(    That particular learning curve ended up being a very slippery slope!  lol

There are a few things messing me up besides the weather.  The spring ahead time change has me somewhat bemused. Losing an hour now is a serious senior moment and leaves me peering out the window with my cup of coffee and feeling kinda lost.

And speaking of lost, I can't find my password list.  Whenever the 'puter comes back it seems I need them all!  :(

Hopefully I'll be springing into action whatever the whether!  ;^)