Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Which way to spring???

It has been an interesting couple of weeks.  And I'm still thinking about it all.  I thought I'd keep up on the new cell phone but...

Monday I was using my new rubber boots, taking photos with the cell phone and looking for my spring wish list.

Today I am trying to remember where I flinged (?),  flanged (?), flung my winter boots!

I am also looking for the cell phone photos that I vainly collected for mobile blogging!  :(    That particular learning curve ended up being a very slippery slope!  lol

There are a few things messing me up besides the weather.  The spring ahead time change has me somewhat bemused. Losing an hour now is a serious senior moment and leaves me peering out the window with my cup of coffee and feeling kinda lost.

And speaking of lost, I can't find my password list.  Whenever the 'puter comes back it seems I need them all!  :(

Hopefully I'll be springing into action whatever the whether!  ;^)


Margaret said...

Hoisting my late-evening decaf to you, dear elle, with a prayer for your missing boots and password list. Perhaps the fact I've yet to write mine down is a mixed blessing indeed...! Stay cozy...and light a candle (or two) in the darkness. It's comforting. :-)

Beth said...

OH, my condolences about the snow. Not only are we Mainers subjected to to daylight saving but we are in the wrong time zone. There are some petitions trying to get us in the Atlantic time zone along with maritime Canada which is where we are.

Jo Vandermey said...

Changes in season always mix me up some. One day no coat next day need coat and can't find it.
Did you get lots done with your computer out?

Bright sunny day here, birds are chirping...but with time change I am waking up later and no t getting as much done!

Createology said...

That darned time change always throws me off for weeks. As for Winter you have had more than your share. phones...they are all above my pay grade! I still use pencil and paper for notes and my trusty four year old digital Cannon Elph. Be Happy...Don't Worry...