Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring upstairs

It is a little difficult to get a decent picture in this tall and angled stairwell.  But I do like having an art gallery wall!
The windows face south and the stairs aren't dark at all.   The outside wall has about four coats of paint on and the sponging technique works well at disguising hand prints.  I did not touch any of the stairway walls with anything other than soap and water.  But I had matched the solid paint colour for the two hallways to it.

 I did make new art for the railings.  They are from Ikea and are shallow enough for the stairs but wide enough to add canvases and some accessories.


I intended to put back the short  sheer white valences on the windows but decided that I'd rather be a minimalist.  I can't pass up an opportunity to make vignettes though!  LOL

I also decided a wee chair serves the landing better than a full size one.  I put my antique printers tray on the sponged wall and  perhaps a fibre art will go on the freshly painted wall across from it.

 I emptied the hallway and covered the shelves in that old closet.  I taped everything but that short stair wall on the left.  I primed everything and then I mixed the rest of the primer and the rest of the downstairs hallway paint together.  I just wanted to be done painting.

The colour is a bit darker than it looks but works well.  I am reluctant to fill it up with stuff so we'll see how all the computer stuff fits on that small desk.  :(  That hallway waited a long time for its final coat of paint as I'd stripped the country wallpaper a looong time ago.  ;-{

I'm trying to remember the KISS principle for this Spring!  :)


Createology said...

Your KISS principle is working so well and everything you are doing looks fabulous. Clean and fresh and so ready for you to enjoy. I LOVE your vignettes. Happy Easter Dear and May Spring bring you Warm Sunshine Hugs...

Beth said...

All looks great but OMG I LOVE that rug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Margaret said...

I've decided I love your house -- every corner of it! And those racks!! I just might have to investigate at IKEA when I am next in The City...

What Comes Next? said...

I love your art gallery wall, and your pieces you are displaying. I am always in awe of your decorating skills!