Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Travelling Faster!

Well, I was flying so fast I was gonna beat my DD#1 to the airport.  She was arriving on Wednesday and I was headed to the airport for Tuesday 7:00 am flight!   That means getting up WAY too early!

 oh well, how wrinkled can things get???  lol

Now I have a time for a better blog post.

I didn't actually wear the hat on mother's day but the challenge on 40+ style was hats!  I'm not sure it actually fits.  Now I see it, I think I'll pass it to Eliana or Jolina! 

DD and I are going shopping right after my plane lands.  We have been texting back and forth as to basic wardrobe choices.  We have a plan and a very BIG mall to cruise!

On the house hunting front...
I have hopes that the Rooster will have reached the end of the trail before I return!

In the meantime,  I am dreaming up a hobby room!   The blank squares are areas that don't really interest me like the kitchen!  lol

I had thought to get Nina dusted off and make a tote for the trip but she isn't happy I have been neglecting her.  It has been too long and I couldn't locate my manual to understand exactly what she wanted tweaked!   sew...   no tote!  Besides I am showing Nina the new playroom plans.  Maybe I can mollify her with packing up, reorganizing, and promises!  Here's hoping that I'm no longer flying ahead of the reality checks!!!

Friday, May 12, 2017

A bit of journalling!

It is that time of year- graduations!

So this is not my own journaling which has been reduced to penciled entries.  :{

So here follows a brief selection of photos.  I used a heavy scrapbook paper for the cover and a narrow duct tape to reinforce the spine.  The inside paper is a pad of medium weight kraft paper I got and wished I'd got the other pads.  Super useful for homemade journals so I'll be looking for a roll of the stuff as the grand kiddies need nature journals for next year.  This journal just has one signature.
The young fellow's favourite colour is red so...

 His graduation present is a trip for he and his teacher (mother), from his principal (father).

 His brother graduated last year.


 I have tried to incorporate his likes.

 He is a great reader...

and a hard worker!

I have tried to leave lots of space for his own thoughts.

And of course lots of pockets for memorabilia. 

Making these journals is so much fun and no matter how busy I like to do them.  Now to get ready to add some more to my own journal as I get ready to travel again!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Travelling fast

I seem to be having to pack a lot and we haven't even found a place to move to yet!

I got to use my new wardrobe planning skills for the annual weekend retreat.  I didn't chose a neutral but just went with my favourite burgundy combos.  You know, not many actually notice that you are wearing the same skirt!  lol  My best look is medium values and monochromatic colour schemes.  So easy!  I will be adding the accent colours for the neutrals with accessories.

The fashion site is focusing on accessories this month.  I had no idea shoes and belts were accessories.  I have always worn earrings but even they need 'bumping up' so it'll be an enlightening month.  Most of these accessories except for purse and shoes comes from the thrift shop.  I had never even looked in their accessory section before.  :O

I will be traveling to Edmonton, a major city, to be with my DD#1 who is facing surgery for the first time in her life.  I'm the blankie and chicken soup brigade.  We will arrive the day before and spend it shopping.  She wants me to keep her from her favourite pastime- books and chocolates, and focused on replenishing her wardrobe.  I now have 'skills' so I'll be happy to usher her into the change room, confiscate her garments, and send in all the possibles.  So fun and it'll be her money we spend and not the Roosters!  lol  She wants, navy, grey and natural (taupe) to be her neutrals and the colour to be burgundy.  I am only on the look out for a burgundy purse.  Here is hoping!

 We are still traveling all over the place looking for the perfect spot.  Timing will be everything!    A smaller barn at this place but tons more yard work!  :/

In the mean time, I need to travel around the flower beds.  After a yes/no/maybe so,  we seem to be settling into YES!  Its Spring!