Friday, May 12, 2017

A bit of journalling!

It is that time of year- graduations!

So this is not my own journaling which has been reduced to penciled entries.  :{

So here follows a brief selection of photos.  I used a heavy scrapbook paper for the cover and a narrow duct tape to reinforce the spine.  The inside paper is a pad of medium weight kraft paper I got and wished I'd got the other pads.  Super useful for homemade journals so I'll be looking for a roll of the stuff as the grand kiddies need nature journals for next year.  This journal just has one signature.
The young fellow's favourite colour is red so...

 His graduation present is a trip for he and his teacher (mother), from his principal (father).

 His brother graduated last year.


 I have tried to incorporate his likes.

 He is a great reader...

and a hard worker!

I have tried to leave lots of space for his own thoughts.

And of course lots of pockets for memorabilia. 

Making these journals is so much fun and no matter how busy I like to do them.  Now to get ready to add some more to my own journal as I get ready to travel again!


Frances Arnold said...

Such a wonderful gift that shows that you know and care for this young man!!!

Jo said...

What a thoughtful personal gift! I love the pages you have done. Where are you off to next?

Threadpainter said...

So nice, Elle !

Createology said...

This journal gift to the graduate is perfect. I love how you have thought of his likes and colors and interests and left him lots of room for recording memories. Great Gift Dear...<3

UplayOnline said...

I love the pages you have done. Where are you off to next?