Monday, September 28, 2009


Time to get tough. The soft doesn't work. All those nice S words! Shift, store, stack, shove over and slide . Need to bring on the hard C sounds. Keep Clutter Cleared before sliding under the smooth sheets and laying the stalled grey matter onto the soft pillow.

I have gotten a good morning routine and now I need to do the same for evenings. I look around for something to do, give up up on the various cluttered corners, grab an inspiring book and dream of 'what if...'

So my early morning musing has resulted in 'Set Yourself Up for Success'. This will take a stern talking to myself every evening. Clear up the clutter before ya hit the cushions!

The weather has reverted back to normal so we are now cool and wet. But the flowerbeds are relatively done. There is one shrub to be moved and a couple of divisions to go in their permanent spot. I think I can go back to the once a week plan again. But while I was outside the house got less attention and now needs a bit more than the regular 'pick me up'. The basement and the playroom are a jumble. The problem is the stuff that was awaiting dispersal was on the spare chairs and the chairs were needed for a big dinner and now the stacks have fallen over. So if I'd put them away permanently and when the piles were small.... Another S word. Stupid! Same scene only with stuff in the lower regions covering every flat surface. VBSigh Come on, elle; what if ya gave up sluffing (procrastination) and took up the challenge to conquer clutter creatively?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I struck gold in the end!

The new floor clock, about 4 1/2' high is a hit. I was gonna put it in my bedroom but it was just 'made' for the up hall. The bad news is that now I have options as there is one too many things in the hall. The good news is that I haven't painted any of them so I have new options. The piece is yellow/ gold with daffodils. No purples at all which was where I was headed with my paint. But yellows work, I just need to make sure the whole house doesn't become a Big advertisement for my favorite colour!

Grandson and I had to manhandle the 'buy as is' clock out of the store and into the trunk. He offered laughs and claps. I just hoped the trunk didn't shut on my 'hind end'. I gave that up as I needed another inch. So I reclined the front seat and the clock and grandson napped all the way home! Good old hubby, hardly missed a beat when he arrived up in the hall. lol

I made good progress on the flower beds. I should see the end of them soon. I have a bit of brighter yellow to rearrange by the opening to the back. Tricky as the hot colours are primarily in the more cottagey back yard, but that spot is also near the end of the pastel pink/yellow border and I need a link to the back.
There always seems to be an answer to my what if's!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Paying for things!

What a doofus I am! Only giving my flower beds 1 day a week meant I didn't get completely thru them for a month. I'm paying for that now.
I stopped work on a quilt (to garden) and I can't remember which thread nor the modus opperendi. I'm paying for that now.
I ordered some mixed media books/supplies. 8^) I'm paying for that now. lol I also have a supply list for the book study to accumulate but I actually have some 'egg money' set aside for that.
My friend and I are creating a whiz bang commemorative pillow for an 80th birthday. She was given the 'easy' assignment of making a quote on her computer and printing it on the fabric/freezer paper with her fancy printer. I've never done it but told her it is a common practice. Whew, faster than a speeding bullet it folded, scrunched and generally squashed the first two samples. What if... we put it onto larger paper so it got paper before it got fabric? oh dear, it grabbed it even faster, and smashed it up against the back. When she got a grip, it tore it away, finished the destruction, sent out a whine, and is registering damage! WE'll be paying for it! She had sent me an e-mail of the quote so I thought what if... And it went thru mine just fine. 8>0 I almost hated to tell her!
In spite of all my expenses, I am buying the cutest doll cupboard. I saw it on a visit to my daughter. YES! She said to think it over, don't be hasty, etc. I did, I have, I've actually thought of nothing else. What if it's gone? I am going back today. It'll perfectly finish off my bedroom.
I did get a few super tips for speeding up the internet that have made some difference. My area is 1x which means this great new express card is not so express in my particular corner of the world. vbsigh We are still searching for a computer tech and I hope there is enough left in the budget for his expertise!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I was actually thinking 'hodge podge' but this apparently is the better spelling. I seem to have wandered down the buffet line and heaped my plate with some of everything and I'm sitting down to look at it and going, "oh, my!".

A hotch potch is a dish of many mixed ingredients, esp. mutton broth with vegetables. Concerning law, it is a blending of properties for the purpose of securing equal division(especially of property of intestate parent); mixture, medley.

In my efforts to express my creativity I've made a lot of smoke. The stew might be burning, the compost smoldering and the chimney may actually be plugged! I need to bring some law down as I adjust my taste buds. 8^)

Time is running out to get the flower beds finished. I need to step up the pace a bit so I can leave the garden chilling while I stir the pot that's heating up inside. Any paint pots will be opened in the basement as the insects have been sticking to the paint when the rain wasn't washing it off. The change of weather has also got the bed covers flapping. The local quilt group is back in session with several new faces. We've agreed that the first meeting in the month will be basic and the second will gear to art expression with a monthly challenge. I'd already purposed to do 2 journal quilts a month so one I can just blend them together. Then I joined a book study and it starts Oct. 1st but I see there is some prep work. I'm still waiting for the 'just in time' postal delivery to come thru with my book! There is also an impromptu surprise party this weekend and I'm involved in the creative prezzie!

Oh, and a very young assistant will be keeping me company until his GrandFarmer is available. Hopefully they will work on fencing as our winter meat supply ( pigs) have broke out of their enclosure behind the barn and have come over to see what happens on my side of the fence. Good thing the gate was closed. They headed off to investigate the less decorative part of the farm and find where all the mutton heads off to. They are definitely happy pigs as evidenced by the skip in their step as they disappeared around the corner of the barn! lol

Anyway, my life is definitely a hodge podge. Hopefully it gives off a wonderful savour of creativity. oh, oh. Gotta go, something is smoking!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuned up!

I did take the darn tower in to a repair place and the diagnosis was to send it to the mortuary. $1400 would set me back up again with bigger, newer and faster. So I said thanks, but no thanks. I then had to go back and collect it. I am back in business but still no camera compatibility. We are looking for a new place to take it. I did some investigating and our telephone company, with whom we get our dial up, has some new technology to offer. It is a Kyocera ExpressCard. Sounds too good to be true. I shall send Dh down to read the fine print.
In the meantime, I'm yanking weeds like crazy and preparing for a very creative fall.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The grass is greener...

on the other side of the fence. And if not, it is definitely longer as I only got the yard cut. This is a spring photo. I have some lovely photos in my new camera. I just can't get them into the 'puter. gnash, gnash So the 'puter is going to the hospital. The camera will have visiting privileges and hopefully my blood pressure will finally stabilize! Meanwhile I fixate on mosquitoes and low maintenance but fast filler garden design. The heat of summer and high humidity is here.
Beyond the feature tree is where I am working. There is a path into the bush thru an arch that is in the continuous bed that runs around the perimeter of the whole yard. The fence gate at the bottom of the photo is about 2/3 of the way around. The metal arch is kinda shady from the green ash trees we planted some 35 years ago and near is a wrought iron bench that has its back to the bog area. This is a spring area as the woodland phlox and bulbs are quite pretty. Sitting you can pretty much see the house and front yard. The area just to the right of that big weeping willow suffers from the wind. I've lost 2 spruce trees and a birch. I moved an elder (shrub) over from under the willow. It is too large and is very octopus like. Quite tough so I hope it'll survive. This is a semi wild area. Purple cone flowers, hyssop, thyme, Joe Pye, day lilies, lady's mantle, a yellow rose, sedums.
The plan is to transition from the white bed at the house to the white/mauve arch area to the pale pink and yellow of the wild corner. I've some grasses, wild currents and 1 lonely but small spruce for a backing. I am reconciled to using what works in other parts and is low maintenance as water hoses to this dryer part isn't practical. Even my so called bog area is wet because of grey water but it doesn't reach over to that corner.
Even though I limit my plant selection to what I can divide or move from other places on the yard, I try for variety in shape, texture, and size. Actually using plants in repeats does add a cohesiveness to the overall plan. Main repeats are day lilies, hardy geraniums (cranesbills) , sedums (Autumn Joy), ladies mantle, and some shrubs like zone 2 roses!
One day I'll have to guesstimate how long that border really is, but not now. I'd probably throw in my hoe! I definitely need to get the ground covered tightly enough so the weeds can't find any spaces for occupancy! The problem is I like space around my plantings. Therefore I MUST be more diligent with my composted manure mulch. That is pretty much shovel work though! I think I need to go read about how gardening is SO very good for nurturing ones creativity! 8^)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Been there, done that! Next?

Art Show is over. Rodeo is rounded up. Raffle winners notified and I wasn't one of the notifiees. Pickles aging. Errands eradicated. Photos taken. Now I have USB cable issues. I've been peeking into files I probably shouldn't have been peeking into but it says it doesn't recognize the end of the cord. :( It recommends I do an upgrade. Microsoft figures 19 hours 17 minutes at my dial up speed so... I'm game to enter the download. I'll be totally miffed if it doesn't reconcile my computer with my new camera. I also suspect that I will be downloading only so it'll be soyanara, arividerci, and auf veiderzien for a while. ( sp is ???) But I need to forget the plan of 'a little of everything' and totally spray myself with mosquito spray and fixate on the flower beds while the sun is shining and the getting is good. Fall is falling, not to mention rain which has been a very regular occurrence this year to the point where people are getting grouchy. To cut some slack, two years of 'no go' and the farmers/ranchers are getting discouraged. I am so glad I can be happy inside or outside. Lots to do but when the weather begins to affect the health of the livestock and cuts into the bottom line then I guess life can enter an whole new dimension.
Today is quilting. My mind will be on garden design but I may get to thumb a few pages in the current quilt magazine at the end of the day but it is doubtful I'll have any left over energy.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Leader of the pack!

But the pack is gaining! I could be referring to the HORDES of mosquitoes enjoying our wet and cool weather. But I am tipping my head towards to all my planning efforts. Multi-tasking is not at the level it once was. I once was able to do my work, rescue endangered objects and do child care at the same time. lol Now I'm finding it a full time job just to keep up with the appointments on the calendar, reconcile my debit card and reduce double entries on the grocery list. But the GRANDson plays pretty well with MY toys while I am in my playroom. The little doll's chair met a Goldilocks and the Baby Bear's chair fate! lol We waved goodbye to him this morning and headed off to the big city for a major grocery event. My hubby buys groceries to ensure there isn't an over abundance of munchies, magazines and miscellaneous deco accessories! I left him happily calculating prices per ounce or inch and I found a camera shop. Yada, yada yada, and the new one we recommend is... I shall be trying it out as soon as the dill pickles get into their jars. Sheesh, this seriously encroaches on my ephemera budget!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

3-d leaves, larger is 3" x 2", smaller are 2" x 1"

Wip number one

I took a class about 2 years ago. We were to make 16 quilt sandwiches of about 6 inches, stack them, slice them, shuffle them and zig zag them back together again. Then we'd arrange the resulting 5" blocks into an art quilt. I so liked my black/turquoise theme fabric that it was with great dismay that I felt I'd trashed it. I filed the pieces after trying to join 2 blocks with a heavy and ugly black satin stitch. A challenge to make a quiltie shape made me drag them back out to see if I'd have a head start with one of the blocks. A bit of fiddling and I began to see an art quilt possibility. The colour wheel suggested an accent colour for the leaves and I had 'just' enough of a perfect fabric to make three. So below you'll find my possible start. I have no more of the theme or accent fabric left. Comments welcome! 8^)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Opportunities come...

and opportunities go! Double drat! I wore my 'blend into the background' secretary outfit and tried to look efficient. The judges introduced themselves to one another and leaped into judging talk. 260+ pieces gives 3 minutes for each. Why would they go around seperately, meet to confer and go over everything again? The synenergy of dialogue from each other's areas of expertise would be better for the artist and a cohesive review better than a 'critique'. I saw my job melting away. uhm, could I pass the H2O? They were already waving away coffee and lunch breaks. Last I saw one was on a chair with wheels, cane dragging behind, another had the first object in hand and the third had the clip board and pen! They had just carried themselves away from the meeting and had BEGUN! And my job of recording comments was over before it began. I guess I'll need to look around for another opportunity! vbsigh


Opportune- (of time) suitable,well-selected or as favourable as if chosen; (of action or event) well-timed, done or occurring by design ! or chance at favourable conjecture .
And boy are things opportune!
These past few days I've been remembering my girlhood play times of being a secretary as I check off names, run papers to other gals, tidy up lists of papers etc. What fun! I've been in some meetings also, more as a coffee break participant, and I'd heard them ask for 3 gals to copy the judge's critiques as they examin each entry. I thought what an opportunity for the lucky gals to learn about design and creativity. Last night they still needed one more gal and they asked me. They are probably confusing activity with productivity but I daren't say no as I can see this is a wonderful opportune event for me. Whoa! A little angst is happening but we are all learners so this should not be too difficult.
This HAS to make some difference on my aspirations to be a more creative artist (?). 8^)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome Wips

I'd like to welcome Cheryl and her followers to the coop.
I'm thinking of us as Works In Progress Sisters.
I, myself, am a work in progress! 8^)
I am in the process of changing from traditional to innovative to artsy! So I am welcoming the support and the suggestions.
I have 2 projects to begin with. One is a group project that involves block designs from members but colours and layouts are mine. My challenge is orange and I've hand dyed some fabrics. The second is a class where we made small quilt sandwiches, stacked, cut and resewed them. The theme fabric I liked, the blocks, yuk! But I dragged them back out and perhaps they are redeemable. I shall post photos as soon as I can! How exciting! This is to quote the young, hip, and restless, "So Cool".

I didn't know that!

I didn't know that the shovelful of dirt I dug out from the front bed was the entrance door, the foyer, heck the whole first floor of a wasps nest! YIKES! They were mad! Last time the apple cider vinegar worked wonderfully, but I only had regular vinegar and my cheek still hurts. One followed me right into the house but at the risk of asphyxiating myself I managed to spray him dead! It was time to get ready for my next assignment anyway! 8^)

I didn't know I'd be at the front table receiving art and checking off names and handing out the invites to the opening for the Art Show. Wow. I was just amazed. I seem to need a connection between the creator and the creation. I'd never match the artists and the art together in most cases although one gal dressed as she painted.

I didn't know that some of our local gals only started painting about the time I started quilting. They asked the local ceramics teacher to teach them painting and she brought in an instructor and there are courses and conventions, and competitions just like quilting. Amazing!

I also didn't know I'd be doing it again from 10:00 to 7:00 today. Think of all the stuff I'll learn!

Now I also didn't know how to add a picture and some links for a collaboration of like minded 'fibre artists'. I am still checking out the technological difficulties. But I think I've just about got it! AMAZING

Monday, September 7, 2009

Do the next thing first!

Whoah! Things have turned hot, summery and busy. The new plant purchases are not all in the ground but they are in their spots. The ducks are trying out a new pond arrangement. The fall rye has been swathed and my farmer did NOT get stuck! Yay!!! We had sun warmed cucumbers and tomatoes. Not sure that we'll have a prolific yield but we can have sandwiches and salads. Finally! The quilt is under the sewing machine, the fabric purchases are ready for the washing machine, a new mixed media art book has been ordered and a supply list is in the making. Paint chips are laying about waiting for the final decision. The remains of the doll and teddy bear tea party suggest that a good time was had by all and the china seems to be accounted for! I did have to give 'Steffy' a few strokes with the ol' hair brush to restore her to her usual prim status! 8^) The downer is the camera had gone into shy mode and had been refusing to show pictures but now is refusing to even take them so I've missed some good photo ops and another thing has been added to the errand list. This has certainly been a labour day weekend to beat them all! And it isn't over yet.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Around the house!

Lovely weather! I need to be taking advantage of it
so it isn't an in the house day but an around the house day.
I have some sale plants to get into the ground.
I will also be thinking about what colours to be painting the three pieces of wooden furniture that will be sharing space in the up hallway. I'm gonna have one mauve/purple and could do the others in lighter and darker or I can do rainbow ice cream.
ooh! Decisions.

Friday, September 4, 2009


To gallivant is to gad about. Now to gad is to go about idly (we did have purpose) rove (we didn't get lost) wander (part of not missing important things) straggle (again, gotta see it all) going about (certainly) and on the move (yay for naps) . So I do qualify for gadding about these last couple of days. Errands and babysitting. My little grandson was along for the ride. He was not a whole lot of help on the map consultations but we were only 10 minutes late for our rondez vous. He adds a whole new dimension to multi tasking and my exercise level has certainly stepped up a pace.

Creativity also becomes more necessary as I learn to pass grapes back from the front seat. I'd forgotten how creative mothers have to be! 8^) I managed to get to the fabric store while he was occupied packing his overnight bag. Today we'll just gallivant over and see what the garden centre has for fall plantings. I'm all for gadding and gallivanting!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A new perspective

This view is seen from the coop door. The chicken run is to the right of the brick walk. That Faerie Place is to the left. The grassy strip straight ahead separates the garden boxes (my attempt at a parterre) and the dry creek bed which will be the west boundary of the house yard.
No plan yesterday. I just grabbed the wheel barrow but instead of starting at the house as usual, I headed west. I need to get creative. No more bigger and better. The plan needs to be smaller and simpler. I have grass down to one day; now I need the flower beds to be one day. The new fence will help with both as the sheep will graze more yard grass and this boundary will be a low maintenance area, kinda nature/wild. I had let the chickens out in the shadey Faerie Place. They did some of my weeding but things are seriously disheveled. The big plants can take a bit of that but the small and sickly keel right over when the chicken feet start excavating. They are back in their fence and I pitch weeds in for them. The ducks have big fat feet but they only trample a bit and actually do very little damage. So their gate is pretty much open. They're a shy bunch and head for the bush at the slightest bit of intrusion into their space.
It feels good to have got all around the back yard. I'll be seeing what I can do to fill in the spots that the weeds like to claim. I have found a more local garden web page and perhaps I can find some hardy, low maintenance, plants. Then I'll need to see how creativity and low maintenance work together.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

oops! Too late

My prince charming needs to keep a better eye on me! lol His first words were, "We gotta fix that before anybody sees it." ROFLOL
Then he remembered that I held the level. 8>{ But it seems that the level has been dropped once too often. So my shelves are back up on the to-do list.