Saturday, September 12, 2009

Leader of the pack!

But the pack is gaining! I could be referring to the HORDES of mosquitoes enjoying our wet and cool weather. But I am tipping my head towards to all my planning efforts. Multi-tasking is not at the level it once was. I once was able to do my work, rescue endangered objects and do child care at the same time. lol Now I'm finding it a full time job just to keep up with the appointments on the calendar, reconcile my debit card and reduce double entries on the grocery list. But the GRANDson plays pretty well with MY toys while I am in my playroom. The little doll's chair met a Goldilocks and the Baby Bear's chair fate! lol We waved goodbye to him this morning and headed off to the big city for a major grocery event. My hubby buys groceries to ensure there isn't an over abundance of munchies, magazines and miscellaneous deco accessories! I left him happily calculating prices per ounce or inch and I found a camera shop. Yada, yada yada, and the new one we recommend is... I shall be trying it out as soon as the dill pickles get into their jars. Sheesh, this seriously encroaches on my ephemera budget!

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