Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The grass is greener...

on the other side of the fence. And if not, it is definitely longer as I only got the yard cut. This is a spring photo. I have some lovely photos in my new camera. I just can't get them into the 'puter. gnash, gnash So the 'puter is going to the hospital. The camera will have visiting privileges and hopefully my blood pressure will finally stabilize! Meanwhile I fixate on mosquitoes and low maintenance but fast filler garden design. The heat of summer and high humidity is here.
Beyond the feature tree is where I am working. There is a path into the bush thru an arch that is in the continuous bed that runs around the perimeter of the whole yard. The fence gate at the bottom of the photo is about 2/3 of the way around. The metal arch is kinda shady from the green ash trees we planted some 35 years ago and near is a wrought iron bench that has its back to the bog area. This is a spring area as the woodland phlox and bulbs are quite pretty. Sitting you can pretty much see the house and front yard. The area just to the right of that big weeping willow suffers from the wind. I've lost 2 spruce trees and a birch. I moved an elder (shrub) over from under the willow. It is too large and is very octopus like. Quite tough so I hope it'll survive. This is a semi wild area. Purple cone flowers, hyssop, thyme, Joe Pye, day lilies, lady's mantle, a yellow rose, sedums.
The plan is to transition from the white bed at the house to the white/mauve arch area to the pale pink and yellow of the wild corner. I've some grasses, wild currents and 1 lonely but small spruce for a backing. I am reconciled to using what works in other parts and is low maintenance as water hoses to this dryer part isn't practical. Even my so called bog area is wet because of grey water but it doesn't reach over to that corner.
Even though I limit my plant selection to what I can divide or move from other places on the yard, I try for variety in shape, texture, and size. Actually using plants in repeats does add a cohesiveness to the overall plan. Main repeats are day lilies, hardy geraniums (cranesbills) , sedums (Autumn Joy), ladies mantle, and some shrubs like zone 2 roses!
One day I'll have to guesstimate how long that border really is, but not now. I'd probably throw in my hoe! I definitely need to get the ground covered tightly enough so the weeds can't find any spaces for occupancy! The problem is I like space around my plantings. Therefore I MUST be more diligent with my composted manure mulch. That is pretty much shovel work though! I think I need to go read about how gardening is SO very good for nurturing ones creativity! 8^)

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