Friday, September 25, 2009

Paying for things!

What a doofus I am! Only giving my flower beds 1 day a week meant I didn't get completely thru them for a month. I'm paying for that now.
I stopped work on a quilt (to garden) and I can't remember which thread nor the modus opperendi. I'm paying for that now.
I ordered some mixed media books/supplies. 8^) I'm paying for that now. lol I also have a supply list for the book study to accumulate but I actually have some 'egg money' set aside for that.
My friend and I are creating a whiz bang commemorative pillow for an 80th birthday. She was given the 'easy' assignment of making a quote on her computer and printing it on the fabric/freezer paper with her fancy printer. I've never done it but told her it is a common practice. Whew, faster than a speeding bullet it folded, scrunched and generally squashed the first two samples. What if... we put it onto larger paper so it got paper before it got fabric? oh dear, it grabbed it even faster, and smashed it up against the back. When she got a grip, it tore it away, finished the destruction, sent out a whine, and is registering damage! WE'll be paying for it! She had sent me an e-mail of the quote so I thought what if... And it went thru mine just fine. 8>0 I almost hated to tell her!
In spite of all my expenses, I am buying the cutest doll cupboard. I saw it on a visit to my daughter. YES! She said to think it over, don't be hasty, etc. I did, I have, I've actually thought of nothing else. What if it's gone? I am going back today. It'll perfectly finish off my bedroom.
I did get a few super tips for speeding up the internet that have made some difference. My area is 1x which means this great new express card is not so express in my particular corner of the world. vbsigh We are still searching for a computer tech and I hope there is enough left in the budget for his expertise!

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