Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Opportune- (of time) suitable,well-selected or as favourable as if chosen; (of action or event) well-timed, done or occurring by design ! or chance at favourable conjecture .
And boy are things opportune!
These past few days I've been remembering my girlhood play times of being a secretary as I check off names, run papers to other gals, tidy up lists of papers etc. What fun! I've been in some meetings also, more as a coffee break participant, and I'd heard them ask for 3 gals to copy the judge's critiques as they examin each entry. I thought what an opportunity for the lucky gals to learn about design and creativity. Last night they still needed one more gal and they asked me. They are probably confusing activity with productivity but I daren't say no as I can see this is a wonderful opportune event for me. Whoa! A little angst is happening but we are all learners so this should not be too difficult.
This HAS to make some difference on my aspirations to be a more creative artist (?). 8^)

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