Thursday, September 24, 2009


I was actually thinking 'hodge podge' but this apparently is the better spelling. I seem to have wandered down the buffet line and heaped my plate with some of everything and I'm sitting down to look at it and going, "oh, my!".

A hotch potch is a dish of many mixed ingredients, esp. mutton broth with vegetables. Concerning law, it is a blending of properties for the purpose of securing equal division(especially of property of intestate parent); mixture, medley.

In my efforts to express my creativity I've made a lot of smoke. The stew might be burning, the compost smoldering and the chimney may actually be plugged! I need to bring some law down as I adjust my taste buds. 8^)

Time is running out to get the flower beds finished. I need to step up the pace a bit so I can leave the garden chilling while I stir the pot that's heating up inside. Any paint pots will be opened in the basement as the insects have been sticking to the paint when the rain wasn't washing it off. The change of weather has also got the bed covers flapping. The local quilt group is back in session with several new faces. We've agreed that the first meeting in the month will be basic and the second will gear to art expression with a monthly challenge. I'd already purposed to do 2 journal quilts a month so one I can just blend them together. Then I joined a book study and it starts Oct. 1st but I see there is some prep work. I'm still waiting for the 'just in time' postal delivery to come thru with my book! There is also an impromptu surprise party this weekend and I'm involved in the creative prezzie!

Oh, and a very young assistant will be keeping me company until his GrandFarmer is available. Hopefully they will work on fencing as our winter meat supply ( pigs) have broke out of their enclosure behind the barn and have come over to see what happens on my side of the fence. Good thing the gate was closed. They headed off to investigate the less decorative part of the farm and find where all the mutton heads off to. They are definitely happy pigs as evidenced by the skip in their step as they disappeared around the corner of the barn! lol

Anyway, my life is definitely a hodge podge. Hopefully it gives off a wonderful savour of creativity. oh, oh. Gotta go, something is smoking!

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Unknown said...

A hodge-podge is better than a blank slate, although with a blank slate, you get to sleep a little better and there's almost no stress. LOL