Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuned up!

I did take the darn tower in to a repair place and the diagnosis was to send it to the mortuary. $1400 would set me back up again with bigger, newer and faster. So I said thanks, but no thanks. I then had to go back and collect it. I am back in business but still no camera compatibility. We are looking for a new place to take it. I did some investigating and our telephone company, with whom we get our dial up, has some new technology to offer. It is a Kyocera ExpressCard. Sounds too good to be true. I shall send Dh down to read the fine print.
In the meantime, I'm yanking weeds like crazy and preparing for a very creative fall.


Unknown said...

I bet fall there is beautiful! :D

elle said...

The sky always has a certain blueness but the leaf colours vary as does the amount of time they remain clinging to the branch. Some have dried and dropped quickly this year due to the wetness. We don't get a lot of the red/orange as most of the trees tend to the yellows. I'll try for some pictures.