Saturday, September 26, 2009

I struck gold in the end!

The new floor clock, about 4 1/2' high is a hit. I was gonna put it in my bedroom but it was just 'made' for the up hall. The bad news is that now I have options as there is one too many things in the hall. The good news is that I haven't painted any of them so I have new options. The piece is yellow/ gold with daffodils. No purples at all which was where I was headed with my paint. But yellows work, I just need to make sure the whole house doesn't become a Big advertisement for my favorite colour!

Grandson and I had to manhandle the 'buy as is' clock out of the store and into the trunk. He offered laughs and claps. I just hoped the trunk didn't shut on my 'hind end'. I gave that up as I needed another inch. So I reclined the front seat and the clock and grandson napped all the way home! Good old hubby, hardly missed a beat when he arrived up in the hall. lol

I made good progress on the flower beds. I should see the end of them soon. I have a bit of brighter yellow to rearrange by the opening to the back. Tricky as the hot colours are primarily in the more cottagey back yard, but that spot is also near the end of the pastel pink/yellow border and I need a link to the back.
There always seems to be an answer to my what if's!

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