Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oranga glad it is Tuesday

I like Tuesday!

A good beginning has been made.
This could be a very fruitful and productive week.

If yellow is sunny, well then orange is down right happy.

Definitely a warm colour.

And sometimes a serious colour.

A fall colour, a time for dyeing.
And a time for playing.

Please note the photographer's assistant wants credit for his help!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Blue Monday

Monday, the beginning of the week. Time to make the plan, consider the options. Let's be calm, cool, and collected.

All the options are laid out on blue lines with a blue pen.

Will the ol' work ethic kick in or will the procrastinating tendencies win out?

Blue, a calming colour.

A playful colour.

A refreshing colour.

A rare flower colour.

A colour with lots of options.

A colour to use creatively!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Royal Family

Sunday is Family day so I think Sundays should be purple. This is all about being with family, fellowshipping, often with food and plain old relaxing.

My favorite place to relax is in bed with a good book but that is usually at the end of the day.

For most of the day it looks like this.

The day starts off brightly.

And continues with fun things.

And visiting.

The sun begins to fade.

Bed beckons and sweet dreams follow.

It's a GO!

Saturday: when I think green. go, go, go
Last chance to get things done for the current week.

This'll call for old work clothes. Whoa, it really is lime. The yellow wants to separate out and I'm thinking at least 2 coats.

Surely the weeding and watering will be on the wane as summer draws to a close.

If I washed yesterday, the clothes should be dry by now.

Not likely any time for my growing interest in all forms of creativity.

But there is always time to connect with my ever growing community of friends and family.

Then a bit of quiet time to gaze out my favorite window and get ready for family day.

A time to reflect on all the growth over the last couple of decades.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Red letter day!

The particular shade or tint of red depends on the degree of urgency needed to finish up all my bright ideas.

I'm off and running to take advantage of the nice weather.

The wheel barrow awaits and the weeds certainly don't.

Laundry is an ongoing chore.

And then there are summer's fruits.

Maybe if I get things finished I'll be able to enjoy some of those wonderful cinnamon hearts that always remind me of my wonderful childhood. Maybe I'll even get a chance to play. 8)

And just maybe I'll get a chance for a real live grown up tea party!

What is black and white and read all over?

Hump Day!

I leave the starting gate Monday morning and begin the week's ambitious ascent. I climb Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday, I am poised at the point, the pivot, the peak to check out the scenery. Then begins the slippery slope as I rush down Friday, Saturday, to Sunday.

This is a look at reality which to my mind can only be viewed in black and white.

I luv the planning, especially if I can hit a great office supply store to purchase new colour coded supplies. Then I like to do an in depth cleaning so I can start fresh, a new beginning so to speak.

The reality is that I procrastinate. I don't always finish what I start, and definitely not immediately.

AHEM! Used to!

I'm growing up finally. I'm a big girl who can take responsibility for her own actions. An old gal, who can see the calendar pages are running low.

So much to do. So much stuff to do it with. No room for elaborate and colour coordinated command centres. The decluttering is making those fresh starts quicker and easier to gallop out of that starting gate with gusto.

Time to refocus. That happens, Thursdays, Hump Day.

Time to gather all those ducks and get them back into their row.

And headed to that finish line!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Living a colourful life

While I was visiting Live a Colorful Life this week, Cindy posted My week in color. I had an Aha! Moment. I do know the value of colour coding things. I luv coloured files and when I'm looking for something I'm seeing the coloured folder. I have a main colour for say, Yard - green. Then in that large file I have red for flowers, yellow for ideas, white for hardscape, green for shrubs/trees, blue for shade, etc. All my categories are colourized. But I never thought about the days of the week.

In my ongoing battle to simplify my life I am trying to eliminate lots of paper clutter. It is hard, I luv playing secretary and I have this compulsion to write notes, ideas, phone numbers, anything onto pads, papers, notebooks and so on. LOL But while it makes sense when I file it, it eludes me when I need it. Even with colouring. VBSigh. I've now learned that there are pilers and filers and I suspect I'm a piler. 8>) So I'm trying to eliminate all the pretty but messy file folders which in my creative dash after a good idea never quite get put back in the file drawer. I am now trying files on the computer. And when I shut the computer down for the night the files are filed whether I want them to or not! I am also realizing I am an 'all in or all out' kind of gal so Monday quilting, Tuesday mixed media, Wednesday... just doesn't work for me. When I make a mess, it needs to be for the whole darn week. But I need Focus. I need motivation. So I need to colour my days!

I need to get back to messing with the paint. The coop needs the lime green trim. I'll pick it up on my errands presently. The home deco paint projects need completing before I forget what the plan is. If I can identify what my colour days are and use that motivation to keep moving on the main focus I just may get something finished. Triple F- Focus, Fiddle, Finish

And I'm not even going to wait for the beginning of the week. Stand by for Hump Day!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Calming down

The quilt colours anyway. Grandkid's quilts have been edited by their mum. Second opinions aren't always welcome but I concur. The print is the accent for a colourful backing fabric. The squares will be calmer in a busy room with lime green spreads and aqua wall decor.

But now my hair is too calm and I need to primp it up a bit so it is off to the parlour. Do they use that word anymore? LOL But some corn processing is also in the mix. Summer is surely simmering!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


My dolls are still prone and in recovery, I need to find glue for the teapot, the toys are back in the box, the fort building supplies recovered, the laundry is processing, the dust bunnies are settling, the chickens should begin laying again soon, and it is Q U I E T. shhhh I shall be saying the alphabet backwards before I agree to 4 kids for 3 days again anytime soon. whoa!

We did manage to use up some of the hours by designing the next baby quilt. I'm not sure about the purple nor the present arrangement.

I sent my farmer out to the field with visions of my studio shed in his head. I mean what else would he want to think about as he goes round and round. I found a library book with Pottery Barn Work Spaces. If anyone can make a silk purse out of my sow's ear...

I luv this picture of my grandson running thru their corn patch. I doubt we'd see him now as the corn is high and ready. num But it did jolt me to the realization that summer is on the downward slide. I do hope the weather has settled and we'll have a busy, productive fall.

I know it'll be pedal to the medal to get everything done before green, or yellow is no longer the predominant colour and a white blanket covers a ground that will be resting and recovering from another year of production.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I'm back inside for a bit. I'll be doing some respite for a few days. So that meant a bit more work in the Sunshine room. I adapted some sheets and we fixed the bookcase. Not the best quality but the shape is exactly right.

I am also starting to gather the squares for the grandkid's quilts. I need to decide how busy I want them. These are supposed to be nap quilts! 8)