Saturday, August 21, 2010


My dolls are still prone and in recovery, I need to find glue for the teapot, the toys are back in the box, the fort building supplies recovered, the laundry is processing, the dust bunnies are settling, the chickens should begin laying again soon, and it is Q U I E T. shhhh I shall be saying the alphabet backwards before I agree to 4 kids for 3 days again anytime soon. whoa!

We did manage to use up some of the hours by designing the next baby quilt. I'm not sure about the purple nor the present arrangement.

I sent my farmer out to the field with visions of my studio shed in his head. I mean what else would he want to think about as he goes round and round. I found a library book with Pottery Barn Work Spaces. If anyone can make a silk purse out of my sow's ear...

I luv this picture of my grandson running thru their corn patch. I doubt we'd see him now as the corn is high and ready. num But it did jolt me to the realization that summer is on the downward slide. I do hope the weather has settled and we'll have a busy, productive fall.

I know it'll be pedal to the medal to get everything done before green, or yellow is no longer the predominant colour and a white blanket covers a ground that will be resting and recovering from another year of production.

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Molly said...

Sounds like you're a fun Grandma! I bet your grandkids will always talk about the fun times they had at your house.