Saturday, October 30, 2010

These boots are made for walking!

Friday was my sewing club day in the big city and I had 'boots' on my list. So I whipped into this store I have found and they have seriously cute footwear, purses, socks, etc.

I studied my options and then tried one pair for fun to see how I'd like high as in high heels and high calves. oooooh! I never tried another. These felt SO good. Then I grabbed up a purse that was close at hand. I drag around a tote with my wallet in it. This felt even better. I paid the $$$ and in my cramped little car I changed foot wear and bags and set out with a new stride. Amazing what some new decisions will do for you! lol

I strode right into a new store for me, pier 1 imports. Nice! But I'd already been impulsive with the boots and purse so I held it down to only a couple of cute things. These are measuring cups. Then I beat a hasty retreat to class and then home.

A total surprise to wake up to the white stuff. Likely this will disappear but it is definitely the wake up call. Time to find the few forgotten things and get them put away. Then time to step out with my new intentions.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Eggs or Else

I was already to give myself a stern talking to and promise myself that "I Will..." but then I read the next chapter. Why doesn't my NO! work? The author says will power, 'white knuckling it', doesn't work. oh, darn!

Do It Yourself doesn't work? Why? Because we DIYers want a quick fix and we want to do it by ourselves.

Poor finishers:

1) Resist structure

2) Fear success

3) Lack follow thru

4) Distractable

5) Inability to delay gratification

6) Inability to say no

I could quibble but basically this pretty much fits me. Internally I have not developed enough to keep myself focused on finishing things. awk! I really do want to grow up and be a big girl.


1) Identify- I am not strong enough to do this all by myself, but it is my responsibility to make the changes that need to be made. check

2) Allow failure- I'm immature and as I'm learning all these things I should have learned before there will be some boo boos. I won't be getting A's on everything but that's okay as long as I actually graduate from Finishing School! ;) agreed

3) Support and Perspective- There are teachers, fellow students and successful graduates available. Feedback is necessary. likely (Do you hear the 2 year old saying, "I can do it myself!) okay, okay, Yes!

Now comes the hard part. hmmmmmmmmmm Ineedsomehelp.

I've added a new section to the side bar. Eggs or Else I will list what I am committed to work on. If you could maybe ... if you'd like to check ..., I'd appreciate any... Well, you see my problem, and it is mine. But if you would take a moment to ask how I'm doing I'd appreciate it.

Down on the farm here we aren't into the production for profit too much. (understatement) But even my farmer starts to feel the drumsticks on layers who are no longer laying any eggs. So if I don't want to end up in hot water, aka- the soup pot, I need to come up with 'goods'! ;)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Making Dreams a Reality

I never would have guessed that blogging was therapeutic. I was anticipating learning lots of things but the great surprise has been learning about myself.

I am quite undisciplined and would rather play than work. So when play turns into a project that needs more work, then I find something else to play with. But I am an adult who is unhappy with my childish ways.

I received a book from a friend about Boundaries and it is causing some AHA moments. Boundaries should not be walls but fences with gates to let out and keep out the bad guys and those same gates welcome and send out the good guys.

* The only one who can change you is YOU!

I keep looking for external things to change an internal problem. If I have fears, problems, dysfunctions, etc. they are mine and I need to deal with them. I'm the gate keeper. I need to find the strength to keep my own word to myself. I will let in... I will escort out...

*Respect the limits of others.

This is probably the old "poor planning on my part does not make a crisis on your part". Hubby has his own things he wants to do. so...

*Take ownership for ones own needs.

I can't wait for hubby, the right time, the next sale, the perfect skill, etc. If I want it then I need to figure out how to get it to happen.

*Put off short term pleasure for long term gain.

That is actually my hubby's motto and I am slowly learning to delay self gratification. I'm 'saving' for my front room rug. :) And yes, the little savings stash is feeling pretty good.

I need to view progress on my projects as deposits in a savings account for the day when I have the sold tag in my hand. I do know that the euphoria of 'I gotta have it' very often turns to 'kick, kick, bad, bad' after the fact.

Sounds like work!

I'm still reading and still learning. My problem is the gal in the mirror. Have I mentioned that I don't like looking in mirrors? ;) I have noticed though that I seem to be accumulating mirrors for decorating accessories. I just got a big heavy one for my 50's room when I helped a friend move this week. The message is pretty clear. I found the enemy and it is ME!

I'd ask my followers/visitors for tips and advice but the reality is that I just need to keep my word (promise) to myself. And frankly, just blogging; putting my dreams out on view and then posting progress reports is very helpful and gratifying. But I really would like to get some of these dreams DONE!

So What if... I actually kept my word to myself?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tip toeing thru the toile

I fell in luv with the first pink/red toile quilt fabric I saw. I'm not sure why. Then I found a pink transferware plate. oooh! Pink depression glass? yes, please! I'm well and truly hooked. I don't have lots but the hunt is quite fun and I'm kind a eclectic so I've added a few other bits.

I'm planning on a lap quilt that will have lots of baskets and feature some of those toile fabrics so they'll be great in this sitting room.

Now I've agreed to sub for a friend at the local thrift shop while she will be gone. So I was to make a brief stop so she could introduce me. I was there ten minutes. Ten! I spied 2 rolls of pink toile wall paper, fifty cents a roll. I don't need 2 but what is fifty cents. I'll be able to line this china cabinet.

I luv using what I have and coming up with creative what if's...

So maybe I have enough for my bedroom??? I am really liking this. But that darn wall with the book cases. ??? Now how I made the great leap from toile to fireplace is a bit of a mystery. But...

I had bought some tiles for my yellow kitchen renew and I chose some accent tiles to tie my cranberry front room into the whole house plan. I've changed my mind on some of the kitchen so there are extra tiles up for grabs.

Are you following me? Fake fireplace in a painted finish, with some tile inserts! I'm starting to blush! Which is the colour and warm fuzzy feeling I want this room to have. Hmm, I wonder if I can find a cute little slipper chair, and then ......
Aren't what if's wonderful!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Focusing on a Funky Fall

The theme for fall is Funky and Folk arty. The colours are golds, rusts and some purple. I seem to be gravitating to lots of pumpkin orange as well. I try to carry an element of nature from room to room so grapes and leaves work.

Once upon a time I was all over the place. Since I've identified a couple of basic things I've found my life is still interesting but certainly simpler and more focused. I now consider if something I want is the right colour for the right season's theme. I luv change and I luv a few very diverse design styles. I need to consider my budget, my lifestyle and my hubby. So four specific themes and colours works for me and it is not hard. It mainly takes a bit of analyzing. Spring is slightly modern, very simple, lots of white ornaments, plain glass and blues and greens. Summer is slightly Victorian cottage with pastel colours, battenburg lace and old quilts. Fall is folk art, wood, cider mugs, soup tureens and rusts, golds, purple. Winter is more traditional, cranberry/navy, china, candles, brass, all those layers of classic Stuff!
Our house is old farm house. The main entrance thru the veranda, the 2 story layout, re purposed front room and dining room, the worn wood floors, and casually cluttered look and some neutral pieces of furniture work for us. When the four seasons change I can have 4 distinct themes by changing colours and styles of quilts, tablecloths and pillows; reshuffling vases, ornaments and pictures, and adding the season's leaves, flowers and fruits.
So fall means putting my pretty tea things behind cupboard doors and showcasing chunky mugs, candles, pottery and my chickens and roosters. The lacy fabrics make way for plaids, tapestries and rich solids. The sweet peas and roses become asters, squashes, grapes, dried leaves and grasses.
Downstairs is more traditional with the golds, rusts and purples. Any sewing projects will use these fabrics. The grey skies have arrived so these are showing rather dull. I want some new table runners and a big quilt for the front room. Perhaps a sampler with some fun houses, wonky trees and winking stars.
Upstairs is less traditional and lots of orange has found expression. The hall rug has encouraged the playing around with orange. Who'd have known but I'm liking it. The nine patch will be for our room, the stripes are for the 2 bunk beds and the gorgeous floral has found a home and a purpose in the guest room.
I MUST get some older UFO's done but if the urge overwhelms me to start something new, at least it will relate to where I am headed. At least, I am hoping so! 8)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Aiding and Abetting

I'm always glad to help my farmer use his tools and find things in his stash! "I need ..." is music to my ears because it leads to "If you get ..., then I want..."! I really get excited when he starts studying tractors! ;>)

We have been having super weather so he is 'back in the saddle again'. This was a quick fix, one hour down time because he has spare tires lined up and ready to go in his stash and a new high impact drill! hmmm. And he said to throw the old bolts in the scrap bin because he is past the age of fooling with old bolts! uh huh! I hear ya!
I'm actually having a bit of down time. I enjoy great health. My Achilles heel is my hands. I have had eczema forever and when I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant a couple of years ago I thought the eczema would be past history. Apparently NOT because stress, (not that I have any!) rubberized gardening gloves, and the dirt and the weeds when I forget them, as well as cleaning stuff bother me. So intense gardening, spray paint that got pointed the wrong way, oops, and gee I wish I was more productive; well, they have me fixating on very uncomfortable hands. Itchy, weeping leads to dry and cracked and painful. I'm not sure what is worse. And of course, slathering creamy potions on is not great for the hobby! :[
I'm not a great cook/baker but toast is a comfort food. Gluten-free and toast can hardly be on the same line but I have a new cookbook. There is hope and if I can get the old home ec skills to kick in I may be comforted!
But {big smile} I have a plan for the fall decorating quilts. By golly, I'll be Johnny off the spot as soon as I can clap my hands for ready, seady, GO! Meanwhile, pass the rice crackers!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Can you get there from here?

At least once a week I cross this bridge to have coffee with friends. I'm thankful for this bridge as the winding river that separates us has fewer bridges to cross as time, bigger vehicles and fast speeds deteriorate the bridges that remain. This particular bridge's good condition is possibly due to the fact that one must slow to navigate the curve, to climb the incline and to discover the mystery of what is around the bend.
Kinda like life!

The far bank is very steep and erosion is trying to make a shorter path to join the curve and switch back that is just out of sight. I, too, am always looking for the short cut, the quicker way.
The near side is lower and has a lot more brush. It is often flooded. Beavers, muskrats, foxes, etc. live in the tangle and are always looking for ways to change the flow and expand their territory. I frightened a Canada Goose who was resting under the bridge. A lot of flapping and smacking of its feet during lift off and it was around the bend and out of sight before I could say, sorry to disturb!

Interestingly, the return trip doesn't show all the complexities that are involved in the beginning journey.
But I am at the beginning of this coming winter's creative journey. Unless I want to portage over all the stuff on my work table I must clear the channel to get the water flowing. The bigger dilemma is the height of the two banks. The low bank is easily accessed with great intentions and wonderfully exciting options that quickly tangle themselves into interesting little messes. The higher bank, where the erosion eats away and the more productive land lies, is where the older, 'must finish' projects await. I need to figure how to cross the bridge efficiently every day so I am both creative and productive.
And not scare all the wildlife as I'm doing it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going with the flow

The current has been pulling hard this last week. And the tide stops for none.

Plans changed as a funeral took precedence and we welcomed weekend house guests.

Then I dragged my sewing machine to the Common Threads quilt gathering Monday night. But I never actually got any sewing done and I think the pull cart isn't worth the hauling up and down stairs and over gravel. So I need to rethink how to do that. I also need to think about an all day colour workshop and what that would look like and entail.

Then the old quilt group I had been with scheduled an impromptu reunion brunch. We are all looking good and continuing on with various projects as weddings happen and babies keep being born. lol

I then met up with son #3 and gave him a ride to the other side of the city and doubled back to the book store which was really the purpose of today's trip. All the rest kinda flowed into the original plan. Two sausage books for my hubby and a highly recommended Drawn To Stitch book for me. We shall be reading in bed tonight! :)
Then as I swung back into the city's centre I thought, what if...
So I stopped at The Forks. This is where our 2 rivers converge. It is a reclaimed railway yard. Trains unloaded their goods unto the horse drawn carts that were housed there and then dispersed throughout the city. It has become a happening place with shops, boutiques, bistros, farmer's markets etc. I kinda like it. Summer has lots of activity with boats docking and people using the river walk. Winter is for ice skating. Shopping and eating is all year long!
This is some native grasses and a view of one building that houses lots of shops, a sports museum and a restaurant. I enjoyed the walk about as it was a fairly quiet time as people transition from the summer to the fall season.
I did try to get a bit of spray painting done and that certainly isn't as easy as I thought. I'd bought a tangerine spray for the little bookcase in the upstairs hall. I hauled it outside as they said well ventilated. It blew over twice so I took it around to the back. Then I shook up the can and pressed. Backwards! My hand was sticky tangerine! arghhh! Well ventilated meant a stiff prairie breeze and I began to take on a tangerine glow. It probably needs another coat, maybe two! Oh well, at least it kinda looks finished instead of half done. I shall need to design some sort of enclosed area as I doubt I can afford to colour the wind up, nor myself. But I can see this being added to my bag of tricks.

I am beginning to wonder if I'll ever get the sewing table cleared off and progress made in that particular department. But I need to just relax and get into the flow.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I have admired this stool from Canadian Tire for over a year. They have been on sale but I still felt they were beyond my budget. Well, they went to 70 percent off. Yes! I got one. Then I thought, "one is good; two is better!" So I got another. 8>) This week I was there and couldn't resist a long picture canvas and a can of taupe spray paint to do the skinny table that no longer works in my bedroom but works perfect in the entrance hall with those two stools under it. I just need to change its colour. But now I think I need to make the table darker. Too much contrast between the table and the stools. The rug will be a dark one with a navy border and I'm thinking, hmmmm... What if I chose navy? It'll still work with the green walls I'm planning for the hallway. The new picture has some dark shading as well.
These aqua glass picture frames were going to be part of the wall of pictures but they don't hang and I'm afraid they are too heavy for my picture hanging skills so I used what other pictures I had.
I'll be looking for a few more things to add to this wall as it needs some tweaking.
I'm learning that you can't always have what you want and sometimes the objects you pick dictate an even more creative way! Navy, who'd a thought?
I'm off to see if the local hardware store has spray paint.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Before and after light and heavy

This is our old master bedroom from about 6 years ago and I quite liked it.

But I needed a bigger room to sew and play in so we moved into this room which is on the other side of the chimney and a bit smaller. I gave the queen size bed, which my hubby said was too big, to my daughter and we got a regular double bed.

I wanted a similar wall of books but the bookcases could only be 9" deep because of the door. My son in law made them for me. I planned to put my plain sofa table between them. We are talking custom measurements for sure. The table fits, is not too bad for height if the pictures would have worked. I had 4 calendar pictures specifically matted and framed for the space between the 2 bookcases, 2 over 2. I luv to read in bed and glance up at this wall. But the foot board cut everything off and the pictures didn't fill the space. So, 3 in a row works better but the table was too spindly/leggy.

The blanket box gives weight but is too low.

How could I fix it? I've learned that I see what I want to see so I needed to find something that would give me the look before I actually committed more dollars. Hmmmmm???
I went around measuring everything including old stuff we have stored away. nada
But there was a short shelving unit in the coldroom. What if I borrowed it for a while...

I'm getting closer. I'm thinking something with doors. Next I'll need a little slipper chair. I moved the old chair downstairs and it rather likes it there! ;>)
There are all kinds of ways to be creative. I luv it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thank goodness

I'm ready to call it quits. With the fall yard work, that is. It'll never be finished. There is always one more thing, but I'm done. There are some collaborative projects that I'll work on with my farmer in the evenings but my days will involve inside jobs. And I am more than ready.

The old potting shed is cleaned out. It held a lot of stuff.

It contains a couple of shelving brackets, lots of nails for hanging things on, and a decorative plug and light fixture,

the paint for the exterior of the shed and the coop, a wood counter with compartments,

and a bird's nest,

and a lot of sky and a lot of leaves!
The new garden shed will get more shelves and the opening will be closed off. That shouldn't take long, a few evenings.
We'll demolish what is left of the roof and have a knock down drag 'em out fight over the final dimensions of the 'Shed to Dye For'. The current size is 8' x 12'. I'm for 16' x 24'. Hubby is for 12' x 12'. The winner is the one with the biggest hammer and the most $$$! LOL Perhaps I'll give up square footage for power to that light and plug.
I'll be reading along with everyone else to see how things turn out!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The week in review

Pant, pant.

What goes around, comes around. My mum used to drive me and the four kiddies to our pediatrician visits in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. I think she was happy to do it. I never asked. oops Then we'd divide them into 2 shopping carts and we'd tour the isles of Zellers. It was an all day thing. Today I get to take my daughter and her 2 kids. What goes around... lol It smacks you on the head as the door returns. Happy to do it!

But so far this week:

Monday was Common Threads quilt night and we were sewing. I started, yup, another project. I thought this could be my project for Monday nights. It is a 9 patch but now I'm wondering how I'll be setting them once they are made.
Then the weekly thrift shop finds. I collect white dishes, especially plates, pitchers and tureens. I try to collect pink depression glass and that is much harder to find. But it now seems I'm collecting house teapots and cookie jars!
Then yesterday I tackled the chokecherries and currants behind the house. That is a serious mess. I'll evaluate in spring and think about some kind of ground cover to keep the grass and weeds down. I do luv looking out my window and spying on the birds that chillax in the branches and even hop onto the window sill. Right now I have woodpeckers knocking on the wall by the window. He actually did a double take before he flew away when I looked out at him. LOL
And that is this week's happenings.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Besides I'm too tired to type! lol

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When it is hot, its hot

Once upon a time, we got wet springs, great summers and short falls. Winter is and always will be winter and long at that. These last years the springs are wet, the summers are wetter, but the falls have been longer, dryer, even hotter. So I need to rethink things if this is the coming trend. I really feel like sewing but there is so much yard stuff that wasn't done and now can be done.
But I felt to accompany the 'guys' to an auction. I needed to watch the grandson when THE item came up for sale. He got terribly dirty on all the old tractors. This clean one was the hotdog lunch station! lol We did get what we came for, more sausage making equipment. And no, Josh didn't get to keep the shiny red tractor.
When everyone left Sunday it was "You and me, Babe!". I hate, repeat HATE, helping hubby tow equipment. But the fall work meant putting away everything and not everything wants to go and be put away! Well, I almost impaled his tractor on mine. eeek! But I calmed down and that was accomplished. We pushed and shoved the grain wagon into its place for the winter by the barn. Then it was time to get his work truck out of the place it had thrown itself in a fit of "I don't want to". So my 'backyard mechanic' had his not so able assistant assisting. One was to dribble gas in the carburetor and one was to sit behind the wheel and if it started get it moving. I opted, (INSISTED) for dribbling. That should also read DRIBBLED. Well, we didn't need the fire department, but this time I steered while my farmer towed the no longer startable truck to its final resting place. My dearie kept muttering about how he knew he shoulda... but I was just thankful it was the truck that died and I hadn't run over the trucker! I keep measuring the grandson's legs to see when he'll be able to be the farmer's right hand man! ;)

Now I was able to trim ALL the grass in front of the barn and make some improvements on the orchard enclosure.

This is a work in progress. The orchard is what it will become. The trees and shrubs are young and the 'accessories' need to be taken out, the fence rejuvenated, and a gate positioned cause the sheep think this is the greatest grass and has toothpicks besides! lol So I began the process. Next emergency vehicle slated to arrive will be the ambulance when my nearest and dearest discovers one less fruit bearing shrub that shows only a stub, 3 inches high, to mark its spot and he gets his hands on me!

Gotta run, hopefully I'll live to post again.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A great spree

I got in a bit of fun on my town trip. I picked up my magazine in the mail box. Then I headed off to a fabric outlet. Home Ec day for a school who were out on a field trip! Things have changed since we all made the very same pattern that the teacher chose and then shopping for supplies on your own time. Kinda fun listening to them pick and choose. ;) But I was on the trail of the sewing jacket demo-ed at the last club meeting. I wanted subtle and the swirly trees just appealed. I'm sure I have bits in my stash to add. The batting is flannel. The lining I'm hoping to find in my fashion fabric stash. I also went on the hunt for some linen as I see it showing up in some quilts so the grey piece is my try for something new and innovative in a future quilt. Then I was off to the sewing machine dealer for some thread and a drool over the latest sewing machines. The new and incredibly creative feet Bernina are coming out with won't fit my old machines. I'm thinking, I'm thinking...
I drove by the book store, picked up the one book that had come in and ordered two more to add my list. My poor book shelves as I also got 5 books at the thrift store. Last evenings rain wasn't much so I'm still able to work outside.