Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When it is hot, its hot

Once upon a time, we got wet springs, great summers and short falls. Winter is and always will be winter and long at that. These last years the springs are wet, the summers are wetter, but the falls have been longer, dryer, even hotter. So I need to rethink things if this is the coming trend. I really feel like sewing but there is so much yard stuff that wasn't done and now can be done.
But I felt to accompany the 'guys' to an auction. I needed to watch the grandson when THE item came up for sale. He got terribly dirty on all the old tractors. This clean one was the hotdog lunch station! lol We did get what we came for, more sausage making equipment. And no, Josh didn't get to keep the shiny red tractor.
When everyone left Sunday it was "You and me, Babe!". I hate, repeat HATE, helping hubby tow equipment. But the fall work meant putting away everything and not everything wants to go and be put away! Well, I almost impaled his tractor on mine. eeek! But I calmed down and that was accomplished. We pushed and shoved the grain wagon into its place for the winter by the barn. Then it was time to get his work truck out of the place it had thrown itself in a fit of "I don't want to". So my 'backyard mechanic' had his not so able assistant assisting. One was to dribble gas in the carburetor and one was to sit behind the wheel and if it started get it moving. I opted, (INSISTED) for dribbling. That should also read DRIBBLED. Well, we didn't need the fire department, but this time I steered while my farmer towed the no longer startable truck to its final resting place. My dearie kept muttering about how he knew he shoulda... but I was just thankful it was the truck that died and I hadn't run over the trucker! I keep measuring the grandson's legs to see when he'll be able to be the farmer's right hand man! ;)

Now I was able to trim ALL the grass in front of the barn and make some improvements on the orchard enclosure.

This is a work in progress. The orchard is what it will become. The trees and shrubs are young and the 'accessories' need to be taken out, the fence rejuvenated, and a gate positioned cause the sheep think this is the greatest grass and has toothpicks besides! lol So I began the process. Next emergency vehicle slated to arrive will be the ambulance when my nearest and dearest discovers one less fruit bearing shrub that shows only a stub, 3 inches high, to mark its spot and he gets his hands on me!

Gotta run, hopefully I'll live to post again.


Unknown said...

Girl, this living on a farm thing looks like HARD WORK! :D

Vicki W said...

Sounds like an adventure! There are days when I think it would be fun to live on a farm. Then there are days like today.....happy with my 10 acres!

Unknown said...

For a city girl, this all sounds like a lot of creative fun! (With the room to do it in!)

I love your posts about the "Coup".