Saturday, October 23, 2010

Aiding and Abetting

I'm always glad to help my farmer use his tools and find things in his stash! "I need ..." is music to my ears because it leads to "If you get ..., then I want..."! I really get excited when he starts studying tractors! ;>)

We have been having super weather so he is 'back in the saddle again'. This was a quick fix, one hour down time because he has spare tires lined up and ready to go in his stash and a new high impact drill! hmmm. And he said to throw the old bolts in the scrap bin because he is past the age of fooling with old bolts! uh huh! I hear ya!
I'm actually having a bit of down time. I enjoy great health. My Achilles heel is my hands. I have had eczema forever and when I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant a couple of years ago I thought the eczema would be past history. Apparently NOT because stress, (not that I have any!) rubberized gardening gloves, and the dirt and the weeds when I forget them, as well as cleaning stuff bother me. So intense gardening, spray paint that got pointed the wrong way, oops, and gee I wish I was more productive; well, they have me fixating on very uncomfortable hands. Itchy, weeping leads to dry and cracked and painful. I'm not sure what is worse. And of course, slathering creamy potions on is not great for the hobby! :[
I'm not a great cook/baker but toast is a comfort food. Gluten-free and toast can hardly be on the same line but I have a new cookbook. There is hope and if I can get the old home ec skills to kick in I may be comforted!
But {big smile} I have a plan for the fall decorating quilts. By golly, I'll be Johnny off the spot as soon as I can clap my hands for ready, seady, GO! Meanwhile, pass the rice crackers!


Createology said...

Hi elle: as you say..."this too shall pass." I am sorry you are suffering and having some down time. Maybe you can regroup and when you feel better you will accomplish all that you are accustomed to doing. Feel better my dear...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sometimes down time can be the best time. Like the gardener who plans the spring beds during the winter, down time can be invigorating. I hope your hands get better soon. I know how painful that can be.