Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thank goodness

I'm ready to call it quits. With the fall yard work, that is. It'll never be finished. There is always one more thing, but I'm done. There are some collaborative projects that I'll work on with my farmer in the evenings but my days will involve inside jobs. And I am more than ready.

The old potting shed is cleaned out. It held a lot of stuff.

It contains a couple of shelving brackets, lots of nails for hanging things on, and a decorative plug and light fixture,

the paint for the exterior of the shed and the coop, a wood counter with compartments,

and a bird's nest,

and a lot of sky and a lot of leaves!
The new garden shed will get more shelves and the opening will be closed off. That shouldn't take long, a few evenings.
We'll demolish what is left of the roof and have a knock down drag 'em out fight over the final dimensions of the 'Shed to Dye For'. The current size is 8' x 12'. I'm for 16' x 24'. Hubby is for 12' x 12'. The winner is the one with the biggest hammer and the most $$$! LOL Perhaps I'll give up square footage for power to that light and plug.
I'll be reading along with everyone else to see how things turn out!


Vicki W said...

Give up whatever space you need for plumbing, lights and power!

Unknown said...

I'm with you... 16x24 for sure. ;)

Createology said...

Oh Elle you definitely need lots of light even for those gray winter days you just want to escape to YOUR to-dye-for palace.
P.S. Sounds like you need a nice sturdy butcher block table between the bookcases. You could always lift it up on risers. Rest and enjoy your evening...

Teresa said...

Space is good. Tell the farmer it's "Go big or go home!"
Can't wait to see who wins!