Friday, October 15, 2010


I have admired this stool from Canadian Tire for over a year. They have been on sale but I still felt they were beyond my budget. Well, they went to 70 percent off. Yes! I got one. Then I thought, "one is good; two is better!" So I got another. 8>) This week I was there and couldn't resist a long picture canvas and a can of taupe spray paint to do the skinny table that no longer works in my bedroom but works perfect in the entrance hall with those two stools under it. I just need to change its colour. But now I think I need to make the table darker. Too much contrast between the table and the stools. The rug will be a dark one with a navy border and I'm thinking, hmmmm... What if I chose navy? It'll still work with the green walls I'm planning for the hallway. The new picture has some dark shading as well.
These aqua glass picture frames were going to be part of the wall of pictures but they don't hang and I'm afraid they are too heavy for my picture hanging skills so I used what other pictures I had.
I'll be looking for a few more things to add to this wall as it needs some tweaking.
I'm learning that you can't always have what you want and sometimes the objects you pick dictate an even more creative way! Navy, who'd a thought?
I'm off to see if the local hardware store has spray paint.


Createology said...

Your talents are many and you amaze me. Love the new stools and the perfect fit of the table. Well done my dear.

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful home, Ele! But I disagree... I LIKE the contrast between the stools and the table top! :D

You've disappeared, is everything ok?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I don't know where I've been for so long, but I need to check your blog more often. In fact, may I add it to my sidebar?

In review of what I've missed, I love the new bookcases. I have a similar setup in my office, except I have a long board over the top connecting both my bookcases. And those new stools are pretty snazzy. And the skinny table is perfect in the entry/hallway. You have a lovely home and I love your decorating style.

Also love that the coop is cleaned and ready for spring fun! Now it's time to relax and roll with the flow, just like that river!

KatieQ said...

70% off! The stools are lovely and a bargain as well. You're a great shopper.