Monday, October 25, 2010

Focusing on a Funky Fall

The theme for fall is Funky and Folk arty. The colours are golds, rusts and some purple. I seem to be gravitating to lots of pumpkin orange as well. I try to carry an element of nature from room to room so grapes and leaves work.

Once upon a time I was all over the place. Since I've identified a couple of basic things I've found my life is still interesting but certainly simpler and more focused. I now consider if something I want is the right colour for the right season's theme. I luv change and I luv a few very diverse design styles. I need to consider my budget, my lifestyle and my hubby. So four specific themes and colours works for me and it is not hard. It mainly takes a bit of analyzing. Spring is slightly modern, very simple, lots of white ornaments, plain glass and blues and greens. Summer is slightly Victorian cottage with pastel colours, battenburg lace and old quilts. Fall is folk art, wood, cider mugs, soup tureens and rusts, golds, purple. Winter is more traditional, cranberry/navy, china, candles, brass, all those layers of classic Stuff!
Our house is old farm house. The main entrance thru the veranda, the 2 story layout, re purposed front room and dining room, the worn wood floors, and casually cluttered look and some neutral pieces of furniture work for us. When the four seasons change I can have 4 distinct themes by changing colours and styles of quilts, tablecloths and pillows; reshuffling vases, ornaments and pictures, and adding the season's leaves, flowers and fruits.
So fall means putting my pretty tea things behind cupboard doors and showcasing chunky mugs, candles, pottery and my chickens and roosters. The lacy fabrics make way for plaids, tapestries and rich solids. The sweet peas and roses become asters, squashes, grapes, dried leaves and grasses.
Downstairs is more traditional with the golds, rusts and purples. Any sewing projects will use these fabrics. The grey skies have arrived so these are showing rather dull. I want some new table runners and a big quilt for the front room. Perhaps a sampler with some fun houses, wonky trees and winking stars.
Upstairs is less traditional and lots of orange has found expression. The hall rug has encouraged the playing around with orange. Who'd have known but I'm liking it. The nine patch will be for our room, the stripes are for the 2 bunk beds and the gorgeous floral has found a home and a purpose in the guest room.
I MUST get some older UFO's done but if the urge overwhelms me to start something new, at least it will relate to where I am headed. At least, I am hoping so! 8)


Createology said...

I am truly impressed at how organized your decorating is for each season. It seems like it would simplify your work efforts. I actually have NO decorating plans, themes or design for decorating for any seasons or holidays. Mr. C likes everything plain and I am fine with that mostly. My rooms are where I have my things I love surrounding me. Happy Autumn...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love how you decorate for each season. Someone asked me one time if I decorate for all the holidays. The concept was so foreign to him and I thought nothing about it. Now I take nothing for granted and I really love what you do in each room. Isn't autumn wonderful?

Twisted Quilts said...

Near us is a soybean field that we often walk by. We have enjoyed watching the colors change. Just like you said it is orange, green and a touch of purple (the morning glories). My daughter and her boy friend have just bought an old farmhouse. I will send her to your blog to get some ideas.