Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going with the flow

The current has been pulling hard this last week. And the tide stops for none.

Plans changed as a funeral took precedence and we welcomed weekend house guests.

Then I dragged my sewing machine to the Common Threads quilt gathering Monday night. But I never actually got any sewing done and I think the pull cart isn't worth the hauling up and down stairs and over gravel. So I need to rethink how to do that. I also need to think about an all day colour workshop and what that would look like and entail.

Then the old quilt group I had been with scheduled an impromptu reunion brunch. We are all looking good and continuing on with various projects as weddings happen and babies keep being born. lol

I then met up with son #3 and gave him a ride to the other side of the city and doubled back to the book store which was really the purpose of today's trip. All the rest kinda flowed into the original plan. Two sausage books for my hubby and a highly recommended Drawn To Stitch book for me. We shall be reading in bed tonight! :)
Then as I swung back into the city's centre I thought, what if...
So I stopped at The Forks. This is where our 2 rivers converge. It is a reclaimed railway yard. Trains unloaded their goods unto the horse drawn carts that were housed there and then dispersed throughout the city. It has become a happening place with shops, boutiques, bistros, farmer's markets etc. I kinda like it. Summer has lots of activity with boats docking and people using the river walk. Winter is for ice skating. Shopping and eating is all year long!
This is some native grasses and a view of one building that houses lots of shops, a sports museum and a restaurant. I enjoyed the walk about as it was a fairly quiet time as people transition from the summer to the fall season.
I did try to get a bit of spray painting done and that certainly isn't as easy as I thought. I'd bought a tangerine spray for the little bookcase in the upstairs hall. I hauled it outside as they said well ventilated. It blew over twice so I took it around to the back. Then I shook up the can and pressed. Backwards! My hand was sticky tangerine! arghhh! Well ventilated meant a stiff prairie breeze and I began to take on a tangerine glow. It probably needs another coat, maybe two! Oh well, at least it kinda looks finished instead of half done. I shall need to design some sort of enclosed area as I doubt I can afford to colour the wind up, nor myself. But I can see this being added to my bag of tricks.

I am beginning to wonder if I'll ever get the sewing table cleared off and progress made in that particular department. But I need to just relax and get into the flow.


Createology said...

Hi elle: you certainly have been busy. I do wish you took a photo of you and the tangerine spray. It sounds funny even though I know it wasn't at the time. Happy creating...

KatieQ said...

I am always a little intimidated about using orange, but I LOVE the way your bookcase looks. You have a great eye for color