Monday, February 29, 2016

off to see the techy guy

I'm taking the 'puter in for some TLC.  I shall be busy catching up on my classes and hope to have lots to show when the discharge takes place.  ;^) 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Summing up the scenery

The scene this week was a busy one.  We followed the pencil trail to practice our stitching.

We practiced staying in our own lane on the highway.  Unfortunately I didn't see the dear thing that caused the mishap but  we are in need of some repairs for a bent rim.  :[

We considered different country colours for a proposed trip around the world!

We got involved in a few traffic circles as we sought a good direction for an excursion.

We did some serious climbing to get up high.

And we breathed in the fresh air as the Canadian Shield whizzed by!  Another unfortunate experience  occurred when Eliana's tummy revolted at something or other 3 (three) times.  The 'soft' flu her sibblings had had I think.  :{   The Rooster recovered wonderfully, lol, as did Eliana who said the whole thing was disgusting!  And we did have a very nice weekend!

Definitely some good R&R!

Friday, February 26, 2016

up, up and away!


My helper wasn't 'really' into washing walls so we concentrated on making some art for this gallery wall.

And I am also AWAY today!  A little  R&R for us and the ballerina.    Part two of the gallery wall reveal will be next week which will also be a short busy week as the Rooster is taking a few days off.  ;^)   Then it will the upstairs rooms and nose to the grindstone.  Gee, I hope I can get rid of my dust bunnies before the Easter bunnies arrive.  :^)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Art 101 favourite tool


1. A device, such as a saw, shovel, or drill, used to perform or facilitate manual or mechanical work.
a. A machine, such as a lathe, used to cut and shape machine parts or other objects.
b. The cutting part of such a machine.
3. Something regarded as necessary to the carrying out of one's occupation or profession: Words are the tools of our trade.
4. Something used in the performance of an operation; an instrument: "Modern democracies have the fiscal and monetary tools ... to end chronic slumps and galloping inflations" (Paul A. Samuelson).
5. Vulgar Slang 
6. A person used to carry out the designs of another; a dupe.
a. A bookbinder's hand stamp.
b. A design impressed on a book cover by such a stamp.
8. Computers A utility program.

After thinking about this for a bit I have come to the conclusion that I have lots of favourite tools that I use quite a bit.  The one that I would like to use more and make my 'mostest' favourite  tool is a dip pen and the various inks.   I want text to be a big part of my style and it also is useful just for mark making.  I find that it rarely lets me down.

 I learned in elementary school after I had mastered a pencil.  Our  wooden desks had an inkwell and the teacher had a big bottle of black ink from which she filled the glass jars that sat in the inkwell.  We had black dip pens and later we could graduate to our own fountain pens.  I can't remember that there was a whole lot of technique.  We just did it.  When I saw one at an art store I brought one home and I found that it was kinda like riding a bike- I never forgot!  :)  And actually the dip pens are better than fountain pens but not quite as portable.   I prefer them to the pens and markers for ease of use as they don't dry out if left uncapped , etc.    The regular nib and holder meet my needs.  I also discovered all kinds of inks!  

Thinking this would be a pretty short one picture post I gave google a click.  Gosh, there are all kinds of things to know.  New nibs have a coating that can give a scratchy start until it is removed or wore off.  There are all kinds of fancy holders but generally two styles, straight or shaped  and different lengths.   Different nibs give different results as do varieties of inks and papers.  It is good to experiment. They are not expensive.   The pens lend themselves to a versatile and flexible line.  It is best to flex the nib rather than lead with the side edge.   A 30 minute tutorial but really, just dip and write!  

Eliana is six and she had not much instruction and just started doodling.    Easy peasy!

Interested in learning more:  I found this video quite interesting and helpful.  Lots of info but frankly I just use a regular nib, a plain holder and  cheap India ink!   It is definitely an important part of my tool box!

A wonderful mixed up Wednesday

We have certainly been mixing up a variety of creative opportunities.  Some more so than others.

My daughters are better suited to teach hand sewing than I am.  We are both learning.   There is a lot of thread licking going on!  lol

No thread for some sewing machine practice but we still managed to mess up the wee machine.  Nina and Mini are VERY hopeful that the Grand Dad can fix things.  eek!

We did try out a few colour combos for new lap quilts for the sisters.  Color preferences have changed since the first mock ups!  eek!

We did have to fit in some school work and she got quite creative with forming the answers. I'm not sure what the 'principal' is gonna have to say!  ;^)

Getting really messy is the favourite thing and we had the decorating scheme in mind as we splashed stuff around. 

I worked on these four while Eliana worked on her own 'frame'.

This was turning out so well I insisted on wiping off her last few dabs!   Less was definitely more!  :)

I'm not sure how I feel about giving young kids electronic gadgets but it works for a long and quiet coffee break!  LOL

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A dancing treasure

Treasure blossoms
A quick photo before any petals fell!  :) 

This was a challenge issued by the Costume Museum of Canada in Winnipeg sometime in the nineties, I think.  We were to make a quilt from old clothes.  I chose a taffeta cocktail dress from the sixties and one cotton dress.  I also had some 36 inch wide fabric for a few blocks and the border.   I threw in a bit of a leftover Hoffman floral fabric and sashed it with a modern tone on tone fabric.

I don't think of myself as a floral person but I do like this quilt and enjoyed the process of working in an improvisational way.

The backing is a poly cotton with tiny dots.  Machine quilting roses is a wonderfully easy introduction to spontaneous free motion quilting.  A treasure indeed!

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday's second helper

A colourful week

Eliana is visiting for this week and we do have a plan all ready to implement!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sum and some more

Gosh we have had some crazy weather.   But I do think I'd rather have cold and snow than rainy and icy!  :[

I scooped up grand kiddie #2 on Thursday and  we've been making all kinds of artistic storms in the art room.

I did somewhat catch up on my Joggles weekly journal.  This involves pretty much following the technique.  But after a short private concert the Ballerina needed to work on her book!

We had checked out the decorating store  and then we scouted out a planner for her.  She explained to the store  owner exactly what she wants her to be looking for.  Meanwhile we started work on the contents.

We had a busy zoomba session and then returned home for a memorable 'Tea Party'.    She 'couldn't believe' she had real tea!  lol

The hallway is pretty much wrapped up and I'll be heading up the stairs next week.

The plan for the coming week is to get some sewing done.  Gee, maybe we'll have time for a bit more 'tea'!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Entering the less is more style

It is definitely a challenge to remember to limit the things I like to the things I luv!  KISS

First I chose the best colour and not what I necessarily wanted.  But I do like the colour.  It is greige which is a neutral.  I have options now and I definitely luv options!

If I'd known I'd not be putting the large mirror back I'd have positioned the art mirror before priming.  It is meant to hang with the blocks in a diagonal position but I luv it in this asymmetrical arrangement.  Thank you, dear Rooster, and we did it with only one extra nail hole and only a few *^#+@#'s!  ;^)
The end of the banister only holds so many coats so the coat hooks have to stay.  :{  I am so happy with the small chandy but the naked light bulb is a problem.  Ugly shadows at night!  I bought a dimmer switch and found a frosted bulb so here is hoping!

I was looking for a tray for the top of hubby's cubbies!   I'm still looking but actually most of his clutter is hidden.  I do think I maybe shoulda brought the aqua bowl home but how much aqua do I really need.  I debated about the sconces but they make me happy.  The chest is from Ten Thousand Villages and another 'luv' but also useful for mitts, toques and scarves.  The garbage can may switch to the other side and in the corner.

And I'm not sure if the tree art is done but it works for me.   Hmm, I shall be tweaking this for a while.  Too bad there is no electrical plug on this wall.   The bane of old houses!  lol 

This wee cupboard is another thing that makes me happy.  So last night we got it fixed in place.  After the house painting is complete I'll be turning to fibre art and the screws for the hanging rod are above the bench and were in before the priming.  I am learning!  The pillows are maybe too big but washing may soften them.  And that lamp...??? 
But I am very happy with how this has come together and all the options I will have for the coming seasons.   I think I am entering a great decorating season!  :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Catching up with the mmm's

 Cautiously proceeding on my trees for the hallway. 


 There are only so many hearts that I can handle so these are bubbles! 

I couldn't find my exacto knife but I can see stamping, colouring, cutting, and pasting happening more often.  :) 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Treasure Map

The Road to the Treasure

I am  kinda lost as to where I have been finding treasure and what has been dropped or not yet found.  So I have been trying to piece together the old memory.  ha!    My earliest dates seem to be 1988.  I have some cheater panels and two tulip quilts for my girls.

 They are made from polyester fabrics and the leaves stick out on one and the flowers on the other.  LOL  They have not survived likely because there was minimal quilting.  The girls had already left  and these were for their new beds.

I suspect I had grown weary of sewing all those rails together for rail fences and had switched to some more immediate gratification.  I think this pattern was in an early woman's magazine.

Also about that time I made my mum and dad a polyester quilt for Christmas.  It was Persian Gates and in polyester pinks and greens.  I soon gave up on polyesters!  ;^)

I wonder where the next treasure is buried?