Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The art of work and play

I have had Joshua, my grand kiddie here for a goodly number of days.   He is home schooled so we do have to do some academics   But he is keener and we'd actually get a lot more done but for his questions.  ;^)  He is all about the 'why' and wants to know all the details.  So it was only natural that he would appreciate a planner to keep track of ideas and plans.

And we had to do some custom work on his dividers.  I had found an old 5 x 7 binder and we recycled some file folders, cardboard, and extra journal pages.  He picked the style of his printables and has already set things up different from mine but then that is what a personal planner is all about.  And he is definitely different that me.  lol

He is fascinated with the Titanic and the Eiffel Tower.  He is contemplating having a line in his new bedroom so he can see the Titanic when he comes in and then the Eiffel Tower.  LOL  His favourite colour is green.

 The watery theme also includes pirates and a page or two of the smash book are devoted to the swashbucklers!

 We gave a dip pen a try and did some dabbing with a sponge thru a stencil.

We also include sketching in our monthly art schedule so we watched some basics from Danny Gregory

And then we spread some paint around with a big brush!   It has been a good mix of work and play!

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Createology said...

I adore that Josh knows what he likes and how he wants it to be. A planner and curiosity for learning? Pure Bliss... And miss Elle you are the wisest woman ever to let him do his own creating. Creative Littles Bliss...