Friday, February 12, 2016

Entering the bonus zone

 This has been a remarkable project and has left me slightly breathless in spite of the bonuses.

I had originally planned for the winter decorating plan to include only some prep work for spring work parties.  The down hall, the stairway and the up hall are all connected so I thought I'd just start with the entrance wallpaper.

My grandson (a bonus) came to help remove the wallpaper from the hallway.  Gosh it was old and removing it revealed how dingy it had made the entrance in spite of being a very light and subtle stripe.   It felt great to have that done.  Josh screwed the coat rack boards and we hung the coats back up.  I was evaluating all the old nail holes when the Rooster asked why we'd put the coat hooks back when we weren't done.  I went to sleep thinking about that. Yah, why???

 The hall ceiling breaks at the bottom stair landing. (a bonus)  The old sponging technique on those tall stair walls is very neutral ( a bonus) so only doing the actual hall is feasible.   I have so many nail holes in the main wall it is embarrassing  to have them visible even for a few months.  :(

So the youngest grandaughter  (smaller bonus) and I got primer and paint samples.  We also scored a small chandelier in the discount section!  (BONUS)  onward!  The old light will be a better fit in the upstairs hallway and I have always coveted a chandelier, even a wee one!

Painting this door has so changed things and painting all those inserts was worth ever dribble! (bonus)

I have to spray paint the register.  The Rooster needs daylight to affix the chandy so that will have to wait for the weekend.  It is also probably a good idea to let the paint cure a bit and frankly I am so enjoying the clean emptiness.   oye- look at that stair railing!  I need to clean it as well!  These jobs just lead from one thing to the next and the next and the...

Now to keep trying to keep things KISS and not clutter everything up...

Part two next week when I decide what I will actually have in this welcome room.   Besides, I need to make Valentines!  ;^)  little bonuses!


Margaret said...

You've been working hard!! The walls look great and you are right about how much light the white door adds...but I worry you'll think about painting all that natural wood...! Have a good weekend -- take break!

Beth said...

I know what you mean. It is amazing what a difference paint can make. I love the clean empty look myself.

Createology said...

You and the Littles have made so much progress and the fresh bright space is very pretty. KISS is truly working wonders for you my friend.