Sunday, February 28, 2016

Summing up the scenery

The scene this week was a busy one.  We followed the pencil trail to practice our stitching.

We practiced staying in our own lane on the highway.  Unfortunately I didn't see the dear thing that caused the mishap but  we are in need of some repairs for a bent rim.  :[

We considered different country colours for a proposed trip around the world!

We got involved in a few traffic circles as we sought a good direction for an excursion.

We did some serious climbing to get up high.

And we breathed in the fresh air as the Canadian Shield whizzed by!  Another unfortunate experience  occurred when Eliana's tummy revolted at something or other 3 (three) times.  The 'soft' flu her sibblings had had I think.  :{   The Rooster recovered wonderfully, lol, as did Eliana who said the whole thing was disgusting!  And we did have a very nice weekend!

Definitely some good R&R!


Createology said...

Hopefully you will see forward progress and all will be well. Wonderful Week Ahead Dear...

Beth said...

Oh my. The "soft" flu. I agree with Eliana, it does sound disgusting. Hope everyone is on the mend.