Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sum and some more

Gosh we have had some crazy weather.   But I do think I'd rather have cold and snow than rainy and icy!  :[

I scooped up grand kiddie #2 on Thursday and  we've been making all kinds of artistic storms in the art room.

I did somewhat catch up on my Joggles weekly journal.  This involves pretty much following the technique.  But after a short private concert the Ballerina needed to work on her book!

We had checked out the decorating store  and then we scouted out a planner for her.  She explained to the store  owner exactly what she wants her to be looking for.  Meanwhile we started work on the contents.

We had a busy zoomba session and then returned home for a memorable 'Tea Party'.    She 'couldn't believe' she had real tea!  lol

The hallway is pretty much wrapped up and I'll be heading up the stairs next week.

The plan for the coming week is to get some sewing done.  Gee, maybe we'll have time for a bit more 'tea'!!!


Createology said...

Such a blessing to spend quality time with each of your Grands. Eliana is very smart to know exactly what she wants in her planner. Love the Tea Party complete with real Tea! So very sweet! Everything looks fabulous dear.

Beth said...

So nice you can spend so much time with the grandchildren. They will always remember these times. And tea to boot!!