Monday, June 27, 2016

Achille's Heel

Achilles' heel

An Achilles heel is a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can actually or potentially lead to downfall. While the mythological origin refers to a physical vulnerability, idiomatic references to other attributes or qualities that can lead to downfall are common.    wikipedia

Truth be known I have a couple!

It has been incredibly cold and rainy this spring.  I don't do cold real well.  So I've been huddling under a blanket and...

I wish I was as committed to my hobbies as I am to reading.  I had managed to 'control' my reading for the last few years and I was doing so well I treated myself to a 'free' e-book site.  Not good.  Especially with chilly and snugly added to the equation.  I did get a great list of art books for the grand kiddies and got them in from the real library.   I have a good focus for the next year!  Now libraries, even small town ones,  have due dates and require drives into town during their work hours.  A download is just a click away.  vbsigh  So I deleted my link 24 hours ago and so far so good!
When we are able to get out and cut grass we get that done but another downpour puts the greenery on a dash for blossom or bust.   This wooden tower fell over with the soggy soil, old wood, high winds and heavy, lush vine.   :(  So now a new structure is added to the list.  Two steps forward and one back.  grrrr  Actually just one hour east of us they were evacuating cottages because of fires.  This weekend they evacuated because of flooding and road washouts.  sheesh!  I shall be thankful as wade through the grass by the clothesline.

 But help has arrived as the grand kiddies spread their own sunshine all around.  Who can resist that???

My Rooster can't run as fast as he used to.  Shoot, neither can I.  So our son in law has the barn doors on his list.  'Course our fields are soaking wet so my farmer actually ordered some top soil so we could get to the flowerbeds on the south wall of the house.   I did add a few more cement pavers to an open space and I think I may have the dogs kafoodled!

When we can't go out we stay in and my Rooster goes into handyman mode as old plumbing meets new technology.  It didn't help that I ordered the farm sink a few years ago and the new improved sink fits the new style of Ikea cupboard I chose.  eek!  Its all good.  My guy is of the old school who can improvise and now can swear in Swedish!  The pull out drawer under the sink needs 1/4 inch  to clear the plumbing.  Since the leaks are all stopped, tweaking was NOT an option so I have a little notch cut in the back of the drawer.  Ha, garbage pail will hide that!!!

My DD#2 has persuaded me to let her help me downsize.  I told her I have been but I'd have another look around.  Ahem!   Now every week I cart a truckload of stuff, weather permitting,  for her to store in her basement until... ;>)  Now she has made lots of money selling stuff that I had already passed on to her. (She is a real minimalist)  Course some stuff needs to sneak past the grand kiddies as 'everything' is their favourite.  lol  But she has sold some old toys I had passed on and has bought them new/better ones.  The Rooster has made me carry a few things back into the house and one yes-no-maybe so is on hold in the girl's bedroom while I reconsider.  $25 so far and a dresser is pending!   But things really are feeling more spacious.


We REALLY are downsizing.  We have had to admit that we are not able to keep up to the maintenance this amount of acreage requires.  It has been a process and my farmer has taken a bit longer to 'let go and move on'!   I'm always up for a change and can hardly wait to see what is gonna happen.

My personal/physical achille's heel is actually my hands.  I am afflicted with eczema and that is such a bummer for mixed media.  But one must suffer for ones art!  Right.  Also cheating on the diet contributes so I'm back on the wagon and that will also improve my overall mental well being.   I have two rooms to paint and the kitchen to touch up but I'm optimistic.  Garden soil is a problem but I now have good leather gloves.  I should have got those years ago as they are SO much better than the cute cloth ones!

I know my regular blog friends are gonna groan.  When I confessed my transgression to the Rooster he just shook his head. Full disclosure-   But I bought another planner.  Start today.  I know. I know. What can I say. There is just 'something' that makes me feel warm and fuzzy about personal planners. I do plan on scheduling 3 blog posts a week as this 'whenever the fancy strikes' plan isn't working.

If I swear in Swedish will you believe this is the last one?  Okay, okay. But I think I'll blame it on my heel!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Faerie Nice Summer

The blossoms on the trees and shrubs in the bush, along the ditches, and in the flowerbeds has been amazing this year.  My containers are a bit disappointing but summer has a only just begun.

Then I invited the faeries to come play

The bed along the house wall is a magnet for the dogs.  :(  I asked the faeries to get creative.  (I wish they knew hoe to work the phone so. i could use their talents to improve my cell phone post!

 I used landscape pavers and some old lab sinks to cover up as much of the dirt as I could to deter the dogs.  I have learned to keep an eye out for deals on large pots.  The sinks will work till I upscale.

 Then I invited the grand kiddies to come and help the faeries.

Josh did an aquatic theme and even went to the ditch for a snail.

Eliana has quite a fancy collection but insisted that hers include a clothes line.  She always manges to surprise me.

 Jolina is no surprise.  She wants wee animals included in her vignette.

 I have one smaller sink to place and some boulders to remove from the front corner.  The large rocks were my first attempt to thwart the dogs.   :/

Hopefully I can showcase the finished result with a larger keyboard, successful landscape plan and no paw prints!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

fifty percent

The goal for downsizing is to get rid of clutter and reduce our stuff by 50%.  A good place for the computer was the upstairs hallway but renovating for a desk area is not in the plan.  And besides which the big computer will not playing nice once again. (I am looking for a new techy.)  So the next best place for its uglyness is my art room.  :€

Now that is where my old back up lap top sat and played my inspirational music.  But it is being cranky as well.  So I am reduced to my phone which will result in my being cranky.

I am somewhat tempted to reduce technology by more than half but I did want to let my faithful followers know I am still around and now that I have my workspace cleaned I shall be attempting to mess it up again.

 But before I lose what it has taken half the morning to....