Thursday, December 31, 2015

Saturday, December 12, 2015

a whole lot of dribbling going on

But not too many baskets!   January the first is looming.  I am thinking; while I'm dribbling, of course, that I shall switch into holiday mode (fewer posts) and get ready for a big slam dunk for 2016.

I also want to bring my Grand Kiddie #1 for a few days. I'd like to spend some time one on one figuring out creative options to feed her inner artist.  Heck, mine too.

I suspect there may be a few rim shots but we'll see if anything actually results in points scored!  Says she as she laces up her sneakers!!!  lol

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Getting the ball rolling

okay!  I think this can work.  At first I thought not  'cause the ball seemed too small.  I shoulda got the bigger size.  but...  If one follows the directions- lol  First inflation seems small.  The next day deflate to 50% and fill again.  whoa!  magic.   It almost doubles in size.  Now to master sitting.  Not difficult to sit but positioning it at the desk and keyboard is a little tricky.  :)  But I like it!

I got my new fabrics which is a bit distracting as I like them but we haven't finished fall yet!  :O

I am thinking to do something in my square in a square series but the right choice is still being bounced around.  I think I just may start cutting and start putting things up on the wall.  How come it is hard to get improvisational balls in the air?  But I'm gonna roll with this palette.

Monday, December 7, 2015

monday's chores and choices

Its officially eggnog season.

I'm making my lists and checking them twice!  ;^)

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Heading towards the holidays

Table centre piece

I'm not sure what happened to winter.  These candles are the whitest things around.  Can't really say I'm liking slush and mud and slippery!

The grand kiddies and I were off to their library for an artist date.  The books distract.  The interactive environment distracts.  heck, the other kids distract but...

 I think I will make a note to perhaps work more one on one with Josh and Eliana.   pst!  He drew the elephant!
A new change in my day job means a larger and more diverse group.  Who has their wrapping all done?

 Here are some ideas for personalizing craft paper and gift tags that should help!   These two stared holes in the paper and then...  :)  Exactly what I had in mind!

The chair is painted.  I'm glad I did that early in the week 'cause I haven't got it waxed nor the seat covered.
I have some good ideas for the pillows and I am a thinking that next week I'm just gonna start a new project and improvise the fall lap quilt for the bedroom!  :)  It IS the holiday season, don't cha know.  lol  I am eyeing up the small desk on the Rooster's side for painting and then the walls and woodwork.
I did get an exercise ball to use as a computer desk chair.  My balance is not good.  I'm tired of falling going UP steps!  :{  We'll see if this helps.  If I don't post in a day or so it'll be because  I rolled into some corner and I'm trapped or worse- I'm still bouncing on the stairs!  lol

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wrapping up the art challenges.

While the grand kiddies were here visiting they made a spread in their Smash books.  But I wanted to give them a memory page for the actual time.  Of course, I had too many photos so I had to add a flap.

Some photos were printed for all three books and darn it,  one printed in a big size. awk!  All that ink!  So I incorporated it into the flap.  :}

I tried to keep the flavour of their art canvas in their own spread.  I had thought Josh's would present some difficulty but the advantage of doing three is that the ideas also multiply!  ;^)

Eliana is all about bold colours and super heroes. (faeries)   I found a dream quote to match the word on her canvas.  :)  I hope that by occasionally adding my own spread to theirs, it will inspire them to explore creative options.

I worked on Jolina's first and it was perhaps easiest.  I should have used more yellow, her favourite colour.  Apparently she 'sleeps' with last year's smash book.  :)

But they took a whole day and now there is clean up.  I did a quick skim through this library book and I really must learn to put things away.  The key apparently is for everything to have its designated spot.  Now that particular challenge is to find a home spot for everything first.  :/

Next week I hope to be back to my own journal challenges.  But now to wrap up the rest of the week!  ;^)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015