Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wrapping up the art challenges.

While the grand kiddies were here visiting they made a spread in their Smash books.  But I wanted to give them a memory page for the actual time.  Of course, I had too many photos so I had to add a flap.

Some photos were printed for all three books and darn it,  one printed in a big size. awk!  All that ink!  So I incorporated it into the flap.  :}

I tried to keep the flavour of their art canvas in their own spread.  I had thought Josh's would present some difficulty but the advantage of doing three is that the ideas also multiply!  ;^)

Eliana is all about bold colours and super heroes. (faeries)   I found a dream quote to match the word on her canvas.  :)  I hope that by occasionally adding my own spread to theirs, it will inspire them to explore creative options.

I worked on Jolina's first and it was perhaps easiest.  I should have used more yellow, her favourite colour.  Apparently she 'sleeps' with last year's smash book.  :)

But they took a whole day and now there is clean up.  I did a quick skim through this library book and I really must learn to put things away.  The key apparently is for everything to have its designated spot.  Now that particular challenge is to find a home spot for everything first.  :/

Next week I hope to be back to my own journal challenges.  But now to wrap up the rest of the week!  ;^)


Createology said...

These are priceless treasures that will serve them well. Creativity at its finest. Love that you let them be creative and that you also add a touch here and there. Best Gramma Ever!

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm still stuck on "she sleeps with her book". that's wonderful.