Friday, July 22, 2016

One of these days!

We were blessed with a rainbow after a rather devastating storm.  We appreciated the rainbow but then round two came!  Not such a blessing.  One of these days we'll be dry and actually want rain but we sure don't need more moisture as a rule.  Soon as the lake leaves the lawn we'll deal with the branches and fallen trees.  :{

I appreciate the motivation of dead lines but one of these days I am seriously gonna be in trouble. Though I do think I'll be ready for my company this time but...
I need to schedule a mid week break in the future.  I definitely feel a little less motivated as the week moves along.

The new sewing room is just lovely.  My goal is simple, serene and uncluttered.  Then I started putting stuff in it. :/ The fabric stacks avalanched!  There will be some serious editing because I am determined to be true to my motto- KISS.  All sewing related, except books, will be in the sewing room.  Novel idea!

That means two bookshelves, one from the wet room, will hold all my fabric.  That meant messing up the art room and that is where the fabric slid!

Then I had to empty the old sewing room so I could strip wall paper, patch and paint.   More stuff to find places for.  The new sewing room closet is full.  There are 5 drawers I hadn't emptied because I knew I could paint the drawers later.  Later has arrived!  eek!

One room, 5 drawers, 2 bookcases and one little table and that is ALL! Well, the wooden platform base for the mattress will get a quick roll.   I had hoped to be painting today but as I said, I ran out of steam.  I might add that the humid ex was out of sight, hence that mega storm. What is really helping me make up for lost time is that this is the easiest wall paper I have ever had to strip. Seriously a miracle!!!   Makes me want to do more wall paper!  eek.  Not any day soon, I hope!  I'll be ready for the Rooster to do some serious patching tonight.  This room has had serious wall shelves and pictures put up all over.  sheesh!   One of these days, the Rooster is gonna take my tools away!  lol

I think I can make it ready for company.  I may close the Art Room door or else just say I've been creating.  I have two more days and I won't be skipping church 'cause I'm gonna need all the help I can get.  Oops, I've promised Elaina she can help so my 11th hour worker will arrive Saturday.  ;^)

My biggest regret is that this isn't the one day/time I had all my ducks in a row.  I leaped in with a deadline but I never allowed time for the small stuff.  drat!   I had hoped to put everything back after editing.  I envisioned a slow and peaceful placing of necessary supplies in prepared and designated spots.  :-{   So it'll look good for company and probably for a blog post but behind that door and cobbled into drawers is a tangled web of good intentions.  one day...

Next post will be blog ready/company pretty.  Then the one after that will be me finishing up all those good intentions that got stuffed into the cupboards and nooks and crannies.  The second group of travelers that are scheduled for next month aren't really company.  My kids will have no problem checking out my good intentions.  And this might just be the day I surprise them! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Humming along.

I should be sauntering through the garden instead of sweating in the second story!  :O 

The humidex is out of sight and health warnings are on the weather networks.  I seem to all too often embark on these projects in the height of summer.  They also invariably coincide with the green juice regimen.  I hadn't really thought about the detox aspect of juicing but tend to focus on the energy burst.  oh, well.  :/

Today will put me half done, I hope.   I have some touch ups at the ceiling line and second coats on the outside of the cupboards.  That small one was a bear to  do.  The doors slide and the shelves are not deep.  The whole thing, a wash stand the Rooster says, is quite beat up but sturdy and very useful.  I'm diddling on the cedar chest colour but in an attempt to not get cute and redo this stuff, white IS classic.  So I'm thinking bright pillows if it doesn't get buried in stuff!

The next room will be a quicker paint.  I've only two plain book cases to do and these drawers.  But first is all this stuff.  Likely it'll be a bit of painting and then lots of sorting and shoving for today.

If all goes according to Hoyle I should sink into bed tonight with a sigh that I'm over the hump. And that will be very good.  hum, hum, HUM

My son in law makes me very jealous with his humongous hydrangeas.  I tried again with 'another' plant last year.  This IS definitely the year for flowers.  Even for me!!!  I  couldn't end with those messy drawers so I hope this leaves you humming!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Shakin' All Over!

The Guess Who are from Winnipeg so we heard Shakin' All Over lots on the radio.  And I'm still shaking.  Could be from ladder climbing but I'm still sipping the green juice.

A quick post to report progress on the upstairs shake up!  I ran out of paint.  I really like Benjamin Moore's Grey Owl.  I could do the whole house in it!  whoa, elle!  Cancel that crazy thought.  :}

I have decided to do things right.  Second coat is necessary.  And anything I place in here must be in tip top shape.  So the various things excepting the white melamine shelves and table are in for sprucing up.  That'll slow things a bit but the mess is all over at once.  And I am on go go go juice!

I haven't seen my planner in a few days but that is good news.  Means I'm not planning, I'm doing.

Unfortunately my hollyhocks aren't the only thing shaking in their roots and losing leaves daily.  My geraniums are scanning the horizon for the rain clouds which have been pretty much daily.  oh well, good painting weather!  

Friday, July 15, 2016

Going with the green.

Finally I have a go!
We have had a week of serious rain.  The apple tree survived the frosts and winds  only to succumb to the soggy ground.  It tipped over as all the apples were on the east side and the rain came hard from the west.  :(  But today is sunny and I have lots of bedding to hang out because the bedroom and sewing room are in for a makeover.

I have started a Leaky Gut Protocol and so far so good.  Energy is rising and eczema is calming.

I woke up Monday morning knowing I was going to be painting the master bedroom this week.  A thought flitted through my waking mind that perhaps I should put the master bedroom back in the biggest room.  That is my sewing room.  To make a long story excruciating...

I am past the point of no return.  In for a penny, in for a pound;  as that very old saying goes. No time for pretty pictures and besides this'll make the afters look magazine worthy. Ha!   But speaking of going, I must get going.  I have sunshine, energy, and a deadline.   Company is coming!  Go Go GO!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Green'll get ya going!

In between rain showers and clouds of mosquitoes I am back working in the flower beds.  I hung my swinging rabbit down low and he just makes me smile.

I am feeling quite motivated and that is likely due to my new protocol of green juice, goats milk kefir, bone broth and of course no gluten. 

I am already feeling like making my next project, painting the master bed room, into a bigger project.  I believe it will be a go!   I am so happy to be back in the swing of things.  :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The axe to the root

The first step in any plan is to apply the axe hatchet to the root of the problem.  I am starting small; hence the hatchet.  :O

First step is get back on the gluten free band wagon.  Kitchen organizing is happening and my gluten free flour mix and how to book are back in a prominent place on the kitchen counter.  I will have to learn how to bake using a scale as the Rooster is kinda busy but he will share his scale.  :/  You are what you eat is better translated you are what you digest!   The fact I am not worse is definitely due to the Rooster's diligence with the home grown meat, fruit and the vegetables.  I've also signed up for a program to fix my eating/lifestyle transgressions.  Now that I've acknowledged the error of my ways I can see doing this.  The focus is food not pills and powders.  andwhoo hoo!  The Rooster has been on the right track as his bone broth is first on the food list! (Yes, dear.  You  Are  Right.  again!)  It won't be easy but it doesn't look distastefully hard and the lifestyle section won't have me looking for a fitness trainer. phew!

The birthday girl's request for a kitty cake was conveyed to Grandad who passed on the request to the bakery.   He had meant shape and thought that was what he'd get.  He came home dismayed  but I assured him she would luv it.  And sure enough it was a hit!  That was hopefully my very last diet splurge as I think we may be done with the birthday season. 

The reading marathon is now limited to brief articles and occasional book reviews.  There may be a dvd marathon though, especially if the rain keeps up!

The big planner has reproduced smaller opportunities and I am quite excited about the possibilities.   And all these new things do involve some planning.

First up will be clearing the forest of paper products so I can get the grand kiddies's smash books back to them.  Their mum is thinking to give the smash books a break for the year and has a calendar in mind for each of them.  Works for me.  pant! pant!

The darn wind took an axe to my clematis tower.  My handy dandy Rooster says the base is rotted so that will need replacing.  Weather permitting,  the exercise program looks to be planning itself!  What else needs chopping down!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Getting to the church on time!

The recipient of my journal gift was going to be at church on Sunday.  I wouldn't have to mail it nor give any lame excuses for not having anything to celebrate his graduation.

Nothing like a deadline!

hmm.  I wish I knew what is wrong with my camera.  And this was my favourite picture, too.  :(  Anywhoo, the recipient is in the centre and his brother and friend are graduating next year.  :O  A wise woman would begin now!!!

A little inspiration and accountability.  And hopefully a little incentive to get a head start.  But then who said I was wise!   ;^)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Canada is cool!

I have never seen the flowers so lush.  They celebrated with a tremendous show of blooms.  Lots more to come, especially if it stays cool and rainy.

The Rooster and I celebrated Canada Day and his day off by tackling his own to-do list.  The Yellow Barn,  which may come heir to some left over barn red paint.  Won't that be confusing!  lol  It doesn't look like much but inside we have clean and organized.  The Rooster prefers to work out in the open but that old worktable collected so much stuff that it is now gone.  We've filled in the hole the dogs dug under it and other various dips in the landscape.  His saw horses are still handy but grass cutting is gonna be so much simpler.  whoo hoo!  Red barn next.

We finished up the day with a lovely dinner at a local restaurant. Lazy Tuesdays!  How is that for a name!  The glass of wine probably didn't help but I finally gave up watching the clock and went off to bed.  Happy Birthday, Canada.

Thursday I had sped off to the city with my Michael's coupons.  I plan my route to include all 3 stores.  shhh- its a secret.  I was quick because the bad news was that the new happy planner is all over Michaels.  I had ordered mine from afar.  :(   Oh well.  I see they have a punch and clips for making your own.  So I did not cruise the store but settled on some basics and spent my money on accumulating neccesities for the grand kiddies planners.  So happy as I like this system which I view more as a diary than a planner.  And the pages flip out so easily for working on and adding to.  I got my Ikea towel bar, updated my CAA membership and scooted home to study my supplies and plan my gift journal.

My reading is down to previewing books for the grand kiddies and how to tutorials.  oops!  In my hurry to get my blogging schedule happening I may have clicked okay for a camera setting too quickly.  I'll fix it for next post.  Still, ya can't blur a good Canadian heroine!  She's cool!

I had ordered some dvd's for learning here at home.  Wouldn't ya know that the most important one was on back order and may be stuck in the postal strike negotiations.  Not cool, Canada Post!

And just because the flowers are so very pretty...

I just luv my white garden.  Not so much the Rooster, who is a very colourful Ukrainian.   I expect he and I will have a knock down drag 'em out 'discussion' on the next garden we plan.   Not so cool but it does add some spice to the day to day diary!!!  ;^)