Monday, July 18, 2016

Shakin' All Over!

The Guess Who are from Winnipeg so we heard Shakin' All Over lots on the radio.  And I'm still shaking.  Could be from ladder climbing but I'm still sipping the green juice.

A quick post to report progress on the upstairs shake up!  I ran out of paint.  I really like Benjamin Moore's Grey Owl.  I could do the whole house in it!  whoa, elle!  Cancel that crazy thought.  :}

I have decided to do things right.  Second coat is necessary.  And anything I place in here must be in tip top shape.  So the various things excepting the white melamine shelves and table are in for sprucing up.  That'll slow things a bit but the mess is all over at once.  And I am on go go go juice!

I haven't seen my planner in a few days but that is good news.  Means I'm not planning, I'm doing.

Unfortunately my hollyhocks aren't the only thing shaking in their roots and losing leaves daily.  My geraniums are scanning the horizon for the rain clouds which have been pretty much daily.  oh well, good painting weather!  

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