Saturday, July 2, 2016

Canada is cool!

I have never seen the flowers so lush.  They celebrated with a tremendous show of blooms.  Lots more to come, especially if it stays cool and rainy.

The Rooster and I celebrated Canada Day and his day off by tackling his own to-do list.  The Yellow Barn,  which may come heir to some left over barn red paint.  Won't that be confusing!  lol  It doesn't look like much but inside we have clean and organized.  The Rooster prefers to work out in the open but that old worktable collected so much stuff that it is now gone.  We've filled in the hole the dogs dug under it and other various dips in the landscape.  His saw horses are still handy but grass cutting is gonna be so much simpler.  whoo hoo!  Red barn next.

We finished up the day with a lovely dinner at a local restaurant. Lazy Tuesdays!  How is that for a name!  The glass of wine probably didn't help but I finally gave up watching the clock and went off to bed.  Happy Birthday, Canada.

Thursday I had sped off to the city with my Michael's coupons.  I plan my route to include all 3 stores.  shhh- its a secret.  I was quick because the bad news was that the new happy planner is all over Michaels.  I had ordered mine from afar.  :(   Oh well.  I see they have a punch and clips for making your own.  So I did not cruise the store but settled on some basics and spent my money on accumulating neccesities for the grand kiddies planners.  So happy as I like this system which I view more as a diary than a planner.  And the pages flip out so easily for working on and adding to.  I got my Ikea towel bar, updated my CAA membership and scooted home to study my supplies and plan my gift journal.

My reading is down to previewing books for the grand kiddies and how to tutorials.  oops!  In my hurry to get my blogging schedule happening I may have clicked okay for a camera setting too quickly.  I'll fix it for next post.  Still, ya can't blur a good Canadian heroine!  She's cool!

I had ordered some dvd's for learning here at home.  Wouldn't ya know that the most important one was on back order and may be stuck in the postal strike negotiations.  Not cool, Canada Post!

And just because the flowers are so very pretty...

I just luv my white garden.  Not so much the Rooster, who is a very colourful Ukrainian.   I expect he and I will have a knock down drag 'em out 'discussion' on the next garden we plan.   Not so cool but it does add some spice to the day to day diary!!!  ;^)

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Beth said...

I love the white garden as well. What lovely flowers.