Friday, July 22, 2016

One of these days!

We were blessed with a rainbow after a rather devastating storm.  We appreciated the rainbow but then round two came!  Not such a blessing.  One of these days we'll be dry and actually want rain but we sure don't need more moisture as a rule.  Soon as the lake leaves the lawn we'll deal with the branches and fallen trees.  :{

I appreciate the motivation of dead lines but one of these days I am seriously gonna be in trouble. Though I do think I'll be ready for my company this time but...
I need to schedule a mid week break in the future.  I definitely feel a little less motivated as the week moves along.

The new sewing room is just lovely.  My goal is simple, serene and uncluttered.  Then I started putting stuff in it. :/ The fabric stacks avalanched!  There will be some serious editing because I am determined to be true to my motto- KISS.  All sewing related, except books, will be in the sewing room.  Novel idea!

That means two bookshelves, one from the wet room, will hold all my fabric.  That meant messing up the art room and that is where the fabric slid!

Then I had to empty the old sewing room so I could strip wall paper, patch and paint.   More stuff to find places for.  The new sewing room closet is full.  There are 5 drawers I hadn't emptied because I knew I could paint the drawers later.  Later has arrived!  eek!

One room, 5 drawers, 2 bookcases and one little table and that is ALL! Well, the wooden platform base for the mattress will get a quick roll.   I had hoped to be painting today but as I said, I ran out of steam.  I might add that the humid ex was out of sight, hence that mega storm. What is really helping me make up for lost time is that this is the easiest wall paper I have ever had to strip. Seriously a miracle!!!   Makes me want to do more wall paper!  eek.  Not any day soon, I hope!  I'll be ready for the Rooster to do some serious patching tonight.  This room has had serious wall shelves and pictures put up all over.  sheesh!   One of these days, the Rooster is gonna take my tools away!  lol

I think I can make it ready for company.  I may close the Art Room door or else just say I've been creating.  I have two more days and I won't be skipping church 'cause I'm gonna need all the help I can get.  Oops, I've promised Elaina she can help so my 11th hour worker will arrive Saturday.  ;^)

My biggest regret is that this isn't the one day/time I had all my ducks in a row.  I leaped in with a deadline but I never allowed time for the small stuff.  drat!   I had hoped to put everything back after editing.  I envisioned a slow and peaceful placing of necessary supplies in prepared and designated spots.  :-{   So it'll look good for company and probably for a blog post but behind that door and cobbled into drawers is a tangled web of good intentions.  one day...

Next post will be blog ready/company pretty.  Then the one after that will be me finishing up all those good intentions that got stuffed into the cupboards and nooks and crannies.  The second group of travelers that are scheduled for next month aren't really company.  My kids will have no problem checking out my good intentions.  And this might just be the day I surprise them! 


Createology said...

I cannot imagine all the rain you are continuing to have. The rainbow is beautiful but short lived. You are amazing in how much you accomplish each and every day. I would be running out of steam every afternoon. Your sewing room will be wonderful. I am sure your company isn't coming for perfect art rooms but instead to see and visit with you. Stripping wallpaper success?!! It took me and Mr. C three days just to strip off one wallpaper border around the laundry room sink and counter. Whatever adhesive they used was on for permanence. I don't think I will ever want to experience that again. Enjoy Eliana and your company dear...

Threadpainter said...

Hi Elle ! I just have to say that I am envious of your energy level !!! I can only dream of re-inventing my old house.
Sorry to hear that you have had to deal with so much rain .... we're parched here, flowers can't cope with the heat, grass is brown and brittle and the humidity is a killer. A thunderstorm would be welcome :)