Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The axe to the root

The first step in any plan is to apply the axe hatchet to the root of the problem.  I am starting small; hence the hatchet.  :O

First step is get back on the gluten free band wagon.  Kitchen organizing is happening and my gluten free flour mix and how to book are back in a prominent place on the kitchen counter.  I will have to learn how to bake using a scale as the Rooster is kinda busy but he will share his scale.  :/  You are what you eat is better translated you are what you digest!   The fact I am not worse is definitely due to the Rooster's diligence with the home grown meat, fruit and the vegetables.  I've also signed up for a program to fix my eating/lifestyle transgressions.  Now that I've acknowledged the error of my ways I can see doing this.  The focus is food not pills and powders.  andwhoo hoo!  The Rooster has been on the right track as his bone broth is first on the food list! (Yes, dear.  You  Are  Right.  again!)  It won't be easy but it doesn't look distastefully hard and the lifestyle section won't have me looking for a fitness trainer. phew!

The birthday girl's request for a kitty cake was conveyed to Grandad who passed on the request to the bakery.   He had meant shape and thought that was what he'd get.  He came home dismayed  but I assured him she would luv it.  And sure enough it was a hit!  That was hopefully my very last diet splurge as I think we may be done with the birthday season. 

The reading marathon is now limited to brief articles and occasional book reviews.  There may be a dvd marathon though, especially if the rain keeps up!

The big planner has reproduced smaller opportunities and I am quite excited about the possibilities.   And all these new things do involve some planning.

First up will be clearing the forest of paper products so I can get the grand kiddies's smash books back to them.  Their mum is thinking to give the smash books a break for the year and has a calendar in mind for each of them.  Works for me.  pant! pant!

The darn wind took an axe to my clematis tower.  My handy dandy Rooster says the base is rotted so that will need replacing.  Weather permitting,  the exercise program looks to be planning itself!  What else needs chopping down!

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