Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Humming along.

I should be sauntering through the garden instead of sweating in the second story!  :O 

The humidex is out of sight and health warnings are on the weather networks.  I seem to all too often embark on these projects in the height of summer.  They also invariably coincide with the green juice regimen.  I hadn't really thought about the detox aspect of juicing but tend to focus on the energy burst.  oh, well.  :/

Today will put me half done, I hope.   I have some touch ups at the ceiling line and second coats on the outside of the cupboards.  That small one was a bear to  do.  The doors slide and the shelves are not deep.  The whole thing, a wash stand the Rooster says, is quite beat up but sturdy and very useful.  I'm diddling on the cedar chest colour but in an attempt to not get cute and redo this stuff, white IS classic.  So I'm thinking bright pillows if it doesn't get buried in stuff!

The next room will be a quicker paint.  I've only two plain book cases to do and these drawers.  But first is all this stuff.  Likely it'll be a bit of painting and then lots of sorting and shoving for today.

If all goes according to Hoyle I should sink into bed tonight with a sigh that I'm over the hump. And that will be very good.  hum, hum, HUM

My son in law makes me very jealous with his humongous hydrangeas.  I tried again with 'another' plant last year.  This IS definitely the year for flowers.  Even for me!!!  I  couldn't end with those messy drawers so I hope this leaves you humming!

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Beth said...

My mother-in-law gave me a white hydrangea like that and I planned it on the side of my garage. When the flowers came out they were the size of basketballs - not exaggerating either. It wasn't until a few years later that I realized I had planted it where my duck house had been. At least I made her jealous (smile)