Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The real leaf...

A few overlaps and a shot of spray but these are 'real' leaves pressed down onto the gelli plate!  :)

This is a positive and a negative print of real leaves.

The left are on watercolour paper and the right are on deli paper.  A bit too much paint on the lower left print. :O

 This might be called a 'ghost print'?  But it is definitely not the first as the edges are blurred.  Cool!

Another first and second print.  I like the second but the first offers more possibilities for layering, me thinks.

I went back on the bottom ones and printed over some of the black print pages. I do like layers.

My play page bin is overflowing with all kinds of my practice prints.  It was a really royal experience. ;);)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Basic black and white leaves

A major principle in my life is to "start at the very beginning".  It is a very good place to start.  :)  hum, hum, hummmm

I drew/traced real leaves.  I experimented with three ways to portray the poplar leaves which are an easy heart shape.  I was very intrigued with the curl on the stem of the cluster of leaves though.

Then I scanned them to the 'puter and printed them on a heavier paper.  This whole process is gonna grind to a halt if I don't get some more printer ink though! lol

The success in cutting them out is due to the handy little Fiskars cutter that just fits so nicely over my finger and into my hand.

I used my gelli plate and printed with black on water colour paper and some deli paper.

The cluster of leaves didn't print so well.  But I still like that curl!

The leaves without stems just look like hearts so I was most pleased with the leaves with stems and that curl!  I just laid the various leaves down on the gelli plate's painted surface and 'pulled a print'. Or I used the full sheet with the leaves cut out to pull a print.

There was some trial.
And some error.

Some worthy.

And some surprises.

  I have no idea how I got a double lined outline!  :)

This was one of the more successful attempts to fill the leaf with interest.  That must all be covered in the advanced class!!!  lol

 This was an attempt to lay some pink deli paper onto the cluster of leaves.  

But it is all mulch for the fertile mind. But  I do believe I have begun to work in a series!  :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

A leaf is a leaf.

Apparently not! And I did leave a significant number of options behind.  :O

The ash trees were early shelter belt trees that we planted around the yard.  The yard only had a bush on the north side.  No trees for shade or pleasure except a bunch of chokecherry tangled against the west wall and an elm alongside the ditch at the bridge.  Ashes are very slow growing but at least they grew.  ;)

Birch grow locally but it took me some time to find a good spot for them to thrive.  The north side of the barn with the rain runoff seems to suit their fancy.  The woodpeckers sure like to drum on the trunks.  Circles or dots would be a good design element to add. lol

The Burr Oak.   When we moved here forty years ago I think we had one midsized oak tree on the edge of the bush.  I can't believe how many have sneaked into the bush and are changing its whole look.  I'm also very surprised to see a few elm trees interspersed as well because when the government 'improved'  the big ditch they destroyed the elm's root system and our biggest tree did not survive.

Poplar trees are very close cousins to aspen.  It took me a while to appreciate the light coloured bark and the rustling sound they make.  Now I'm worried about the oaks crowding them out.  :/

The willow, which I almost ignored as it is such a slim and simple leaf but my, I do like the colour and the shine and the fuzzy matte underside.  It pays to take a closer look and leave no leaf unturned!  This is actually the feature tree in the yard and the wind has done lots of damage to its two trunks and it'll be getting some 'pruning' this fall in hopes of saving it.

And now I must leave and see what I can do with all these options as today is 3Mt. ;-)

Friday, July 26, 2013

How's my Happy?

Monday I got started on my inspiration for the wall hanging.  I didn't get any further on it.  50/50

Tuesday,  my gal and I had an inspiring field trip.  But it was also her last day as she is off to the big city.  50/50

Wednesday, one girl came, the other was a no show.   We did find out that finger painting is this gals forte! 50/50

Thursday, it poured cold rain again and the water was running in the streets.  But ds#3 got his driver's license.  :) 50/50

 Friday, the sun is shining.   I had picked up the airport book I had purchased to see if I could get interested in it while the driver's test was in progress. The author is on to being happier and there are things to do to make oneself happier.  Now I knew the importance of these things, eight hours of sleep, exercise, (water could be in here) and if you feel good you are happier.  This first chapter is on energy and I have felt only 50/50.  So I'm sleeping good, I have no exercise program except housework and yard work so I might have to find those little barbell thingies I just HAD to have during some self improvement phase. ;) ;)  I also need to carry that water around.  But the surprise was that clutter affects our energy level.  ???  I hate clutter.  I'm working on it and while I am I have put stacks of stuff to go through all over my room and even under my bed!  :(  yuk!

So today I am once again, well, mad!  But that is a good thing 'cause it makes me throw things (out)!

Hmm, I do believe I am feeling one hundred percent better!  :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Looking for trees

My Tuesday gal and I took a day trip through the country looking for good photo opportunities.  I tend to be a quick lets do it and get going kind of gal.  But as I was waiting I actually SAW the trees I'd been focusing on reflected in the water.  I really do need to slow down and LOOK!

I flipped the settings to black and white and braked at interesting trees.  :)

Now I'm thinking I should also be studying the limb structure so kinda bald trees were photo worthy.  lol

This poor old house needs a tree or two.  I so wanted my Rooster to see it and say, "Lets buy it and fix it up!".  He wouldn't.  His 'let's tackle it' gene is getting kind of arthritic and this photo does not show the serious deterioration on the far side. vbsigh

I think our trees have been under some stress these past few years.  But again, I need to see the structure.

 We have a very windy river that meanders through the countryside and we kept crossing it.

There was a huge old cottonwood all by itself along a lonely road.  I couldn't hardly get a shot of the top from close up.

And then there are the little guys who bravely cling despite adverse conditions.

What fun!  We finished up with some ice cream under some old but shady trees.  It is amazing what one can see when one starts looking!  ;) ;)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I thought I was kissing!  lol

But once again I was trying to do way too much and way too fast!

So divide and conquer!

Should I do trees? 

Closed trees?
Open trees?
What colours?

Trees will take some time to get to full leaf!  ;)  I must do more drawing and experimenting.

Should I do houses?

I am not sure I want cute.  So again I need to do some thinking about houses.

Or should I do some sorta quick improvisational blocks with this 'had to have' fabric that fell into my hand as I was searching through the stash and get them up while I decide which series to work in?


It is okay to do laundry on 3Mt days as it gives small breaks to think away from all the options.  lol

The quick fix, the instant gratification will be to cut and sew improvisational blocks for a wall hanging for my naked front room wall.  Small size, big reward.

While I sew I will think about bright and bold and wonky.  It may need a place in another 'soon to be decorated' spot in the house.  Kitchen?  :O 

Trees have always been a big draw. My round robin quilt began with a tree of life block.  I think I will start sketching, photographing, playing with trees. This will not really feel like something I want to smack my lips about and savour the sweetness but it is a good and simple start to something I am going to be happy to blow kisses at when I finally get it up on my wall. 

There are sweet, soft, wet kisses from my wee grand kiddies.  Then there are the firm, 'so glad to see ya' from my Rooster!  Each have there place and I hope to blow a few from my own fingertips as I  do some "whoa, Nellie!" and settle down to smell the trees!  ???   mmmwaaa!