Saturday, July 6, 2013

Scattering petals as I may!

The beginning of a heat wave and I decide to work on my landscape plan!  LOL

Pavers will cover the area in front of the bench.  I brought the tower from a far corner and hopefully the Rooster can replace all the missing screws and firm it up.  This is a second weeding for this corner.  We shall put down a thick mulch of composted manure and cross out dirty fingers and cramped toes! :(

I was out early yesterday and while I tweaked things I arrived at a plan.  ;)  At high noon I did what any creative gal would do to cool off.  I went to the garden centre.  I had three things on my wish list.  A rose,  a tall backdrop for the bench and a clematis for the tower.  I was over budget, what else is new!   I only got the three plants.  vbsigh  It was dicey though and I'm not saying I'm done.  ;)  I have learned my lesson.  I smelt and admired the hydrangeas but I turned firmly away. I now only buy what survives my brand of TLC.  I picked the tallest, hardiest and blowziest rose for the Rooster.  I am hoping to bamboozle him from noticing that it is now where the peony was.  oops!   And I wanted a colourful clematis.  Roses, peonies, and clematis seem to survive my management style.

It is and it is casting winks at a very red rose from beneath clashing wine petals.  hmmmm    It does match the rosebud!  lol

This hollyhock should really be over in that corner as well. It somehow arrived in my pastel pink bed which enjoys a close proximity to the garden hose.  It likes it dry which is what that bench corner is.  Go figure!   I may have to sneak it over there while the Rooster has his head buried in a pile of tenacious thistles.

Update:  Turns out the Rooster has also been making a plan.  The flowerbeds for the house yard originally form a figured eight with the house situated near the crossing at mid point.   Works well for grass cutting but I came to the conclusion that the bottom of the 8 had to go a few years ago.  And now even with the Rooster joining the work detail we are not keeping  up.   So the mosquito section, the top of the 8 will revert to grass. I had already moved the bench, tower and bird bath so I guess we think alike and he just took it the step further.  ;)  This means that I must move a few more plants to expand the grass edge.  He'll never notice these in the switch.  Besides I have a lovely young flowering shrub from last year who will like their spot in the sun much better!

Hmm, I have rescued a number of plants that I thought were dead and gone or I just plain forgot about.  I have one peony to donate to my DD.  There is a  yellow flowered plant that will go out back as I am thinking it is gearing up for world domination. lol  But I managed to give each one a new and better home.

So we have one bed all done.  Mulch is in place.  The fence boards have to go on and the far end of the bed will have a lattice for the two clematis from the potting shed.  It'll be a nice end for the yard before going further to the clothesline, gardens, and chicken coop.  I seem to have persuaded Manny, that big dog, to sleep in the cool of the old potting shed.  shhh!  I don't want to jinx that!  ;^)

This section is at right angles and runs to the gate and that curve I am working on.  I did move that hollyhock and two others I found.  They are a tad droopy so I shall be posting when we get the mulching done and the hollyhocks are perkier!   Now it is time to hit the shower and put my feet up.  Hopefully I don't lose too many petals in all the shuffling about.  ;)


MarveLes Art Studios said...

Wowzers, you guys have lots going on! But ican tell.. The bloom has not left you {the rose}! xo

Margaret said...

It looks good, elle! And I commend you for not losing control in the garden centre. I too have that problem -- er, challenge! ;-)

Createology said...

My goodness Elle Dear. Your hard yard work is really paying off in the beauty of the land. I really like your groupings. Hydrate yourself as well as the plants...

Leanne said...

You have beautiful flower gardens. I love hollyhocks and have never been able to grow them reliably even though some consider them a weed. Maybe one day you will throw in a pile of seeds agains a wall, maybe that shed? and grow a small field of them.

Margaret Applin said...

Ohhh your ENERGY!!! I can't wait to see all the beautiful flower pics!!