Friday, July 26, 2013

How's my Happy?

Monday I got started on my inspiration for the wall hanging.  I didn't get any further on it.  50/50

Tuesday,  my gal and I had an inspiring field trip.  But it was also her last day as she is off to the big city.  50/50

Wednesday, one girl came, the other was a no show.   We did find out that finger painting is this gals forte! 50/50

Thursday, it poured cold rain again and the water was running in the streets.  But ds#3 got his driver's license.  :) 50/50

 Friday, the sun is shining.   I had picked up the airport book I had purchased to see if I could get interested in it while the driver's test was in progress. The author is on to being happier and there are things to do to make oneself happier.  Now I knew the importance of these things, eight hours of sleep, exercise, (water could be in here) and if you feel good you are happier.  This first chapter is on energy and I have felt only 50/50.  So I'm sleeping good, I have no exercise program except housework and yard work so I might have to find those little barbell thingies I just HAD to have during some self improvement phase. ;) ;)  I also need to carry that water around.  But the surprise was that clutter affects our energy level.  ???  I hate clutter.  I'm working on it and while I am I have put stacks of stuff to go through all over my room and even under my bed!  :(  yuk!

So today I am once again, well, mad!  But that is a good thing 'cause it makes me throw things (out)!

Hmm, I do believe I am feeling one hundred percent better!  :)


Leanne said...

I hope you are feeling happier and happier as you declutter. I am pretty sure that you get to count yard work as exercise, you have a very big yard.

Createology said...

Ahh the pursuit of happiness...
A goal I am always just behind as your 50/50 suggests. May we both reach 100 in record time dear...