Monday, July 15, 2013

Behind, before

I caught a summer cold this last week which left me less than impressed because I had a spring cold as well as a winter cold.  I don't usually get colds so I am wondering if my immune system needs a bit of tweaking.  My DD is suggesting a 'cleanse'!  :o
 I, (we) have been concentrating on the yard.  The whole fam damily worked on it with time out for a few diversions.

Bike riding.

Kitten cuddling.

Ball playing.

Bird watching.

And counting our blessings.
The perimeter of the yard is just needing more compost.  The path through the bush has been reclaimed. It has one end at this arbor which needs some attention.  This week I shall work from this end and back around the house.  I need to keep my nose to the ground and my hands off the riding lawn mower as I seem to have fried the steering apparatus.  Hopefully the Rooster can fix it while the hot weather suppresses grass growth. oops!

There is a robin who has made himself quite at home.  He doesn't seem to feel alarmed by people and is rather a noisy fellow.  lol

Tomorrow I am taking one of my girls and we are off on a field trip to the Winnipeg Art Gallery where there is an exhibition.  100 Masters: Only in Canada, a truly historic assembly of one hundred works of art from twenty-eight museums in Canada and two in the United States, along with ten pieces from the WAG’s permanent collection.  The selection of the artwork is divided evenly between Canadian and non-Canadian works; among the loans there are fifty Canadian works and a combination of fifty European and American works spanning six centuries, from 1500 to 2010.   I know nothing about artwork nor these famous artists but I've been trying to study up on them so I can better appreciate what we will be seeing. ;)

This is the last week for the yard as I need to turn my attention to redecorating.  I've been experimenting with the kitchen design program from Ikea and it is also past time to get the front room back together again!

So, looking behind I definitely see bare ground and progress.  Looking ahead I see opportunities before me!

Race ya to Friday!!!


Createology said...

Very sorry to hear you have another cold. Maybe you are just burning your candle at both ends dear. The yard looks wonderful. Lots of labor is paying off in beautiful surroundings. The Littles are adorable and the Rooster is looking proudly over his land. Enjoy that amazing artist showing. I will be looking forward to a full report. Feel better my friend...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hope you feel better before the trip to the city. That sounds like a very, very interesting museum display. I suspect photos won't be allowed, but maybe you'll find a brochure or three (grin) that will help us see the "light." At least you had lots of help with the yard work (yard play)!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

ahh yah... 'race ya to friday' but i'd lose! who could keep up with you is what i ask myself?! enJOY the tour and looking forward to seeing what you discover through your eyes!! xo