Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I thought I was kissing!  lol

But once again I was trying to do way too much and way too fast!

So divide and conquer!

Should I do trees? 

Closed trees?
Open trees?
What colours?

Trees will take some time to get to full leaf!  ;)  I must do more drawing and experimenting.

Should I do houses?

I am not sure I want cute.  So again I need to do some thinking about houses.

Or should I do some sorta quick improvisational blocks with this 'had to have' fabric that fell into my hand as I was searching through the stash and get them up while I decide which series to work in?


It is okay to do laundry on 3Mt days as it gives small breaks to think away from all the options.  lol

The quick fix, the instant gratification will be to cut and sew improvisational blocks for a wall hanging for my naked front room wall.  Small size, big reward.

While I sew I will think about bright and bold and wonky.  It may need a place in another 'soon to be decorated' spot in the house.  Kitchen?  :O 

Trees have always been a big draw. My round robin quilt began with a tree of life block.  I think I will start sketching, photographing, playing with trees. This will not really feel like something I want to smack my lips about and savour the sweetness but it is a good and simple start to something I am going to be happy to blow kisses at when I finally get it up on my wall. 

There are sweet, soft, wet kisses from my wee grand kiddies.  Then there are the firm, 'so glad to see ya' from my Rooster!  Each have there place and I hope to blow a few from my own fingertips as I  do some "whoa, Nellie!" and settle down to smell the trees!  ???   mmmwaaa!


Createology said...

Kiss caught and returning one to you. So happy you are putting you and your art first. Chores are for the "commercials" and art is for the "prime time" slots. Isn't that what housewives do all day? Eat bon-bons, watch soap operas and only clean during the commercials enough to make hubby happy when he gets home from work?!! Sketch, cut, paint, sew dear...

Margaret Applin said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Fantastic start!!!

HollyM said...

I just noticed this post on Margaret's blog. I've had this weird thing happening where blogs disappear from my blog list. Up to now it has happened twice but with the same blog. Now it has happened with yours.
Good idea to do laundry while you're thinking! I find art dilemmas are great for getting mindless jobs done!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

i think you need both kinds of trees! change it up! mix it up. just don't play 'stick em up!" lol