Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Losing my shingles!

Time to quit focusing on lost shingles and start counting the blessings.  We may have had a dozy of a storm and lost more shingles on the house and barn but the neighbour 2 miles south lost the metal roof on his new dairy barn.  :)  They aren't saying tornado but maybe 'sheer' winds.

This flower bed has a small ditch at the back to facilitate moving water from the back yard to the front of the yard.  It does need some leveling but I shall tell the hollyhocks to consider how the raspberries are overcoming and quit fussing over their lack of lower leaves.  Well, yes, then;  no leaves and virtually naked but then their blooms where really lovely.  ???

Eliana arrived to help get ready for the cousins.  We managed to get everything presentable 15 minutes before they arrived by stuffing closets and shoving miscellaneous under the bed. Phew!

I think I just may have ruined my best paintbrush by shoving it under the bed uncleaned and forgetting all about it.  But we did look good!  :}

  Now to deal with the aftermath of hanging about with the relatives and dodging lightening bolts thrown by particularly nasty prairie thunderstorms.

We just finished a long weekend and the Rooster was in charge of the agenda.  The main floor of the big barn was long overdue for cleaning.

This could be the before but it is actually the front door from which  everything is leaving.  At one time this barn housed the feeder hogs from our farrow to finish hog operation.  Back in 'the day' it likely was meant for horses with hay storage up in the loft. 

 We actually are starting from the back and working forward.  There will be no more animals housed here so we are giving everything a good scrubbing.  I am the shovel man and the Rooster is the man on the wheel barrow.  And that is good because I like seeing the progress from fast and furious first level cleaning.  He is better at deciding what stays and where it should go.  Not to mention my wheel barrow skills are kinda shaky!  lol

I have been telling him that if houses are styled for selling then so should a barn be looking its best.  ;^)

But speaking of losing ones shingles...

I have neglected to follow the green juice detox lately.  Things do get worse before they get better and in getting rid of blue funks and itchy eczema...  well, the toxins do leave me through my skin and what with all that needed doing I paused the program.   The blue funk has been replaced by blue skies and the breeze of ambition but I may have to rub my hands together for a bit of relief for one more day.  Then its back on the  green juice ladder if I don't personally want to lose anymore shingles!  lol


Frances Arnold said...

I have just caught up on your last posts.....you are one busy cookie!!! Enjoy your visitors!!

Createology said...

You have had too many storms and too much work as a result of damages. Eliana is so sweet to help you gamma elle. There is always lots to do and hopefully you fit in time for art and creativity. Stay safe dear...