Monday, August 29, 2016

I digress...

The Digression- a planner for my sister
Since I couldn't easily find what I was looking for I digressed and sorted papers.  It didn't help that her favourite colour is baby blue and that colour is the least represented in my choices.  So I made a quick run (digression) to the local Dollar Tree!  ;^)

Much better.  I put all my papers: scrapbook, coloured cardstock and gelli prints in the drawers.  I shall just paw through the colour sorted drawers.  There is no good way to sort two sided scrapbook paper and multi coloured mono prints so I put light mixed, warms, cools, and dark neutrals in separate drawers.  Good enough and when I can't close the drawers it'll be a circular file kind of sort!
The open drawer holds my main planner and the drawers beneath all have journal fodder. :\

I found a cute box that 'hides' lots of the stuff, I  know I need to see/find stuff easily or I buy more. So I am passing it on to Eliana who is gathering stuff for her own art corner and this IS her favourite colour.  As I cut papers I will be able to stuff it with more assorted papers.   I'm sure I will get to that corner at some point at some later date as I'm not even sure what is all concealed there.

I did eventually get two coats of primer on the guest room.  I will just reconcile myself to two coats from now on given my roller was not top quality, the walls are a wavy plaster and,  vbsigh,  my eyesight isn't what it used to be. 

Then the Rooster commandeered me for the day.  We had got a new riding lawn mower as the old one went into retirement earlier than expected.  But we got all caught up on the grass cutting although it was so long it'll take another cut to get it looking really nice . We took turns riding and pushing!  :-)   The woodland path is even done except for one fallen tree.  I could move the others but not the big one.

Now where did I leave my paint brush..Swirl with some left over White Opulence and what we get is what we get.  I am already considering curtain options.  I hope that particular diversion doesn't happen for a day or so!  lol

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Createology said...

Paper organization is very challenging unless there are endless storage options in the owner's possession. Eliana will love her new art supplies. Your yard looks like an emerald forest ready for the Leprechauns. Good work dear...