Monday, August 22, 2016

One more time...

And a one and a two and a three!
I've decided to just roll with the whole painting scenario.  Heck, a lot of the supplies are still handy! 

First lot of company saw two rooms painted.  Our  bed was set back up and somehow everything else found places.   But most stuff was pushed under the bed and into the closets.  

I did wonder if everything was going to fit when all the dust settled.   I really had eliminated some of my storage spaces.   I need to do some more editing but the plan to simplify and group common crafts together is working out much better than I had hoped.

Second lot saw the trim finished and things generally organized.  The bed hid most of my painting stuff and the closets were mostly organized. 

I am learning that paint should cure a bit so I decided not to rush hanging stuff on the walls.  The curtains are also missing.  I am determined that if I begin to have too many options the least memorable/desirable shall not be stored.  So my shelves are just gathering places at the moment.

Next lot of company is due beginning of September.  I certainly couldn't let them feel I wasn't sprucing up the place for them as well.  LOL

So I decided to let the walls cure a wee bit longer and just get that last room done.  This is a budget room so I will be using up what I have except for more primer.  The quart that never got used will combine with a similar leftover paint  as the room is smaller.  I really am trying to empty paint cans!   lol

It is looking like a busy few weeks are ahead of me but for fall I have high hopes of tweaking each room and tearing up the list that holds the final few things. Hopefully for the last time!!!


Frances Arnold said...

You are a painting you hire out???

Createology said...

Your rooms are looking fresh and beautiful. I am also having company in September so lots to do. KISS...

Margaret said...

What 'Creatology' said. The rooms look fresh, bright and inviting. I should be so fortunate when I paint a hitherto wall-papered wall (said vinyl wallpaper having its stripping started by two young cats of my acquaintance...) in my bedroom! Hope you're still having fun!