Friday, February 19, 2016

Entering the less is more style

It is definitely a challenge to remember to limit the things I like to the things I luv!  KISS

First I chose the best colour and not what I necessarily wanted.  But I do like the colour.  It is greige which is a neutral.  I have options now and I definitely luv options!

If I'd known I'd not be putting the large mirror back I'd have positioned the art mirror before priming.  It is meant to hang with the blocks in a diagonal position but I luv it in this asymmetrical arrangement.  Thank you, dear Rooster, and we did it with only one extra nail hole and only a few *^#+@#'s!  ;^)
The end of the banister only holds so many coats so the coat hooks have to stay.  :{  I am so happy with the small chandy but the naked light bulb is a problem.  Ugly shadows at night!  I bought a dimmer switch and found a frosted bulb so here is hoping!

I was looking for a tray for the top of hubby's cubbies!   I'm still looking but actually most of his clutter is hidden.  I do think I maybe shoulda brought the aqua bowl home but how much aqua do I really need.  I debated about the sconces but they make me happy.  The chest is from Ten Thousand Villages and another 'luv' but also useful for mitts, toques and scarves.  The garbage can may switch to the other side and in the corner.

And I'm not sure if the tree art is done but it works for me.   Hmm, I shall be tweaking this for a while.  Too bad there is no electrical plug on this wall.   The bane of old houses!  lol 

This wee cupboard is another thing that makes me happy.  So last night we got it fixed in place.  After the house painting is complete I'll be turning to fibre art and the screws for the hanging rod are above the bench and were in before the priming.  I am learning!  The pillows are maybe too big but washing may soften them.  And that lamp...??? 
But I am very happy with how this has come together and all the options I will have for the coming seasons.   I think I am entering a great decorating season!  :)


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Createology said...

Everything looks wonderful. The neutral color greige wih your lovely aqua is very refreshing. Happy is Priceless...

Margaret said...

I think it's all very pretty -- fresh, tasteful; practicality edged with elegance. Well done! :-)