Sunday, February 7, 2016

Well, that week was somming!

 I have had a remarkable week with a little help from the grand kiddies.  My planner is a bit behind but the to-do list is way ahead!

Josh is a helper, planner, keener and he has been visiting.

We set up a planner for him to use on his own at home.  And we multi tasked, getting school work,  chores, playtime and projects all done.

We tackled the hallway wall paper in preparation for the coming week's deco project.  I was ready to quit long before he was and we kept at it.  When he was ready to be done I saw the end and we 'got er done'!  thanks, Josh!

Because I didn't have the kitchen sink project in place we got a bonus project completed- the basement landing.  Not a perfect colour choice but one less paint can to store in the basement!  The hooks were bought ages ago and now have a home.  I can't remember where they were originally intended!  lol  The picture on the wall is perfect and the Rooster won it at the Christmas party at work.

We tackled some sketching videos and learned lots.

Then I traded the big brother off for the littlest sister and we scored big time on a light for next weeks project.

She needed a 'planner' also apparently!

Of course, Jolina needed some kind of book as well.  She is a fearless paint slinger!  oops, we got excited and forgot about aprons.  8O

And I didn't get too much time for my own mixed media but I did spruce up the coffee bar advertisement!  Luv subtle, understated, low contrast!

It was a VERY GOOD week!  :)


Createology said...

This certainly was a very productive and wonderful week. Your Littles are such good helpers and really love helping and learning with you. I'd say win-win! You dear are giving them such an amazing foundation and tool kit for living life. Blessings...

Beth said...

sounds like fun was had by all